I am not a Shopaholic

Yes. I just miss "home" so badly that I keep trying to bring bits of it back with me.

That is why I've always had all kinds of block-printed bedsheets and furnishings and kurtis at home. And the weightless quilts in every shade. I've been wearing the delicate lacquer jhumkas (in every color)  forever too.

Sometimes, even I feel that I've had too many "torans" and puppets around the house.

So this time I tried to be rational and took two whole days to spend all my money buying the same stuff.

I visited the ATM only because an unplanned trip to Delhi came up and there was some stuff which you just can't buy from anywhere else.

I stopped because there was no more time.

But I did pick up these as I had paid the airline for my baggage and could not let that go waste.

That's just sensible shopping isn't it?

Someone please agree with me!


  1. Oh yeah! That is just sensible shopping :) I love to go crazy too - but these days I am always running short of baggage so have to leave so much back in India when we come back :(

    I love your shopping - so many interesting things in such vibrant colours!! I miss India sooooo much!!!

  2. Totally completely agree with you!

  3. LOL ... tell me abt it .. I consider it very very sensible .. I did shop in Singapore only to fill up the newly purchased luggage piece completely :P

  4. Smitha:I had two extra bags-the simple cloth ones which can be packed inside the other luggage. And I gave away lots of woolens which the kids had to the maid at mom's house-they don't need it here and they would outgrow them by next winters.

    The "muddhaas" were wrapped carefully by the shopkeeper in a giant plastic sheet.

    Ramit: Thanks so much for the support!

    Swaram: Wow-more logic to shop! Will try using it next time :)


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