And when will I grow up?

My Laptop’s gone.

And I am finding it so hard to adjust to another machine.  It’s like your best friend leaving school and having to sit next to the new student in the class.

You speak to each other but the conversations and memories of your old friend always encroach. You resent this new guy because he is not your old friend. You know you are being irrational, but…

That’s fine as school kids, but to have such hang-ups about a machine at my age is just not done. So I try to break the ice, move the conversation beyond the banalities of just work and start blogging.

It’s awkward initially, like talking to the stranger who replaced your friend, but then you find he is not so strange and maybe you just find a new friend as I just manage to stitch a new post.

Gosh! And I thought I had grown beyond getting ‘senti’ decades ago! 


  1. :) I can so imagine it! I feel miserable if I have to use husband's laptop instead of mine even for an hour :) You get used to things and laptops are almost part of us these days, aren't they :)

    I would be senti too :)

  2. I'm smiling. If it were any guy (sincerely included) we would be excited at the new one , smile et al with a 'Good Riddance..' note on the old failing oldie :-)

  3. Aww I am so glad I am nt the only one :P
    My fingers refuse to go click click or type when I use the husband's laptop ;) ;)

    Congrats on the new one :)

  4. Ramit: But that would feel stranger. Windows is such an old friend :)

    Smitha: Glad I am not alone. It was so difficult to start "thinking" on another one. It just didn't feel like my machine.

    Madhu: Exactly. The guy would get all excited about the updates and new features and specs..

    Yet another Mars/Venus dichotomy.

    Swaram: You too! I too am so glad there are others like me who get 'senti' over machines too...


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