The Bithday 55er

the birthday countdown begins

Mom can I please have a laptop…
Isn’t it too kiddish…
Of course I need a real one…….

She brings down her demands to mobile phones and is disgusted when I say I cannot afford one, not even a Ipod nano…

and the other birthday also falls in the same week..


  1. LOL! She sure has high expectations :) Your daughters are so cute! So both birthdays in the same month - that must be one happening month for you :)

  2. Ha ha ha ...both their bdays close :) Hw sweet :)
    A very happy bday in advance to the lovely sisters :)

    Gud luck 2 u :P Do let us know what u got for them :D

  3. Oh Mommmmmmy dearest, while on the subject of a lappie, get me one too! I'd like a HP, 6GB RAM, 500 GB Hard drive, 16 inch screen, 16:9 HD, Blah blah blah, I don't really have an idea what all that meant though!

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Oh and this is me, Ramit, from your earlier comments, just changed my name to save my self from my vicious you know who! Take care.

  5. Smitha: Oh yes it is one happening month all right. As for their expectations-it's just bargaining tactics. They start with the moon hoping to "settle" somewhere much lower.

    Swaram: It's not so "sweet" when it happens. On top of all expectations I have to ensure that parties/gifts/dresses are different and yet not better than each other :(

    Ramit: Oh. Do I need to start calling you Bald guy?
    As for your Birthday gift-that's the way to start-while Mom offers to buy you a Pencil box. Let's see where we "settle"!

  6. Hey! Been a long time! Busy?
    Waiting to read abt the bdays :)

  7. Hi Swaram;was going through a severe block and that too over a really silly issue-your comment really kicked me out of it-thanks so much!


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