Birthday update

Did the previous post on Birthdays make it seem like they are right there?

It always feels like that-right after one set of Birthdays is over. I keep a lid on all wish-lists and planning till January and then it is unstoppable.

The update:

Elena's birthday is in on 16th February and she is having a fashion show.

  • I'll pull of the ramp and the music. 
  • The food also (she wants the same menu as the last three B'days she attended). 
  • All the gifts on her list are  beyond her age (and my budget). 
  • After three trips to the market, we are yet to agree on any of the options for 'return gifts'. 
  • The guest list is into it's third revision and all other details of the party are yet to be worked out.

  • Yes but the draft for invitations is ready

  • Oh-And she needs a dress to go with shocking pink leather boots.
Aurora's birthday is just five days after that. Since her birth was a planned C-section we even had the option of having both birthdays on the same date. Mushy logic overlooked all practicalities and we decided both of them deserve their own special day.

And so, like each year, there is another list coming along...


  1. Oh wow! U r such a gr8 Mom and a wonderful writer I tell u .... waiting for the next list :)

    And eh, gud luck .. hope u get to finalize the stuff soon :)

  2. Awww! That is the most fun party I have ever heard of :)

    And I agree totally with Swaram!

    Waiting to hear what happens next :)

  3. Thank you so much Swaram!And I need some hand-holding-as the plans gather momentum and spin out of control!

  4. Hi Smitha-It's actually parties-everything is now a package deal for us!

  5. Fashion show..that sounds exciting!
    Off to read update-2 :))

  6. Lovely Profile photo Deeps and welcome back!


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