Birthday updates-II

Yes there have been a few millimeters of progress.

  • Elena has finally decided on the return gift. I think we can do better and am still keeping the options open.
  • The guest list and menu are final.
  • She has revised her wish list yet again and just wants to go to Dubai-and get a watch like the one Tanvi got from there. 

All other discussions are on hold until the Unit tests are over. (Amen!)

And right after that:

Like every year, Princess Aurora wanted to have a “Barbie” themed birthday, pink gowns and stilettos and the Barbie doll cake– Boys who had a problem with that can just stay away.

She stepped down and agreed to do away with themes as long as she was allowed to dress up like a princess. 

  • The return gifts are decided. (Thank goodness-That’s always such a big part)

  • For her Birthday gift she only wants the table which didi got last year. [ Conversation 4]
    (And if their room feels cramped-we’ll simply 'change' to a bigger house)

 Still a couple of weeks to go-wish me luck!


  1. Ha ha ha .. u r one rocking family HM :) So, I may hv to come to a diif. location next time eh :P

  2. LOL! I love your b'day updates :) Kids don't want anything in half measures do they :)

    Poohi's b'day is 4 months away and she has already decided her guest list - which , btw, changes every day :)

  3. LOL,hypermom,kids,more specifically the girls are so sure of what they want,arent they???

    I was to leave a comment yesterday itself,but had to log off midway to cater to namnam :))

  4. Swaram: If the girls had their way-you might have to. While I can manage-I'd rather make space for her table.

    Smitha: Great Smitha-you can share your updates with me-as the list(s) keep getting updated-and that too for 4 months!

    Deeps: How is dear Namnam? Yeah I think girls at this age are far more finnicky. My friends son just wanted a Playstation and no party- that would cut into the playing time!

  5. Namnam is fine,HM,thanks so much for asking! How r the preperations for birthday going? Elena happy with the progress??

  6. LOL birthday planning is such fun!! And much more fun when the birthday girl is also interested in the planning :)

  7. Deeps: We have taken a break from Birthday talk-will resume once unit tests are over on 10th Feb (that doesn't stop them from making their updates though)

    IHM: Sometimes it does get tooo much. Especially since we plan 2 birthdays for 2 months! I'll keep updating the blog as we finalize the plans..


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