Week 26

 Yes, another week to be thankful for.

Another week when ripples came closer, but we were safe and sound.

We had other challenges-cabin fever from the sense of being in house arrest, grumbles, and sulks. And we pulled along too. We were all so busy through the week and so tired at the end of it, that some of the quibbles got sorted out because didn’t have the energy or time to fight them out.

Good old hard work in the form of work from home, college assignments, school tests and no house help, does more for family peace than lofty words.

News came of my aunt who is very sick. I don’t know if I will get to meet her again. That is what this situation has done. Torn apart all sense of control, of predictability, of reaching those who are far away. It is a challenge to stay thankful as all the life we’ve known for all our lives is being altered beyond recognition. And all we can do keep up with the challenge, is to keeping learning, keep adapting, keep growing. No wonder we are tired.

India has reached the 2nd spot in the world tally, with no signs of giving up on the race. A feeling of inevitability permeates the society and it’s a tough challenge to stay safe and sane. Quite a few are giving up on the safety in the effort to stay sane. I’ve given up on sanity even before this began, so thankfully that’s one less challenge for me to face.

The new week has rolled in. Our tasks continue.

So do the prayers and the hope that the healing will start soon.