Week 24

 I almost didn’t write this post.

What is the point? Of recording yet another week of just the same. Logged in each morning for office, logged out by evening and headed to the kitchen, and then did the grocery and cleaning and yet more cooking on the weekend.

This is not what one writes about. We write about adventures and highs and sometimes about the lows. We write about change, about the new. And this week was the same old. We remained at home, the virus graphs remained the same, we had the same arguments, the same discussions and it ended the same way.

But maybe that is a wonderful thing. Not having to not deal with new changes on top of everything else. Staying at home and doing the same thing may not be much to write about but it is such a blessing too, to be together and to be safe.

Let’s see what the weeks ahead are like. And hope and pray for the best.