Crocheting Words: InVerse


Early this month, I had to send a dozen Rakhis. Usually this is a mini shopping-expedition for me. But this time I didn't want to step out.Thanks to YouTube and lots of left over yarn I managed to crochet some decent Rakhis in tiny pockets of time. 

That made me attempt the same thing with words-writing in the small pockets of time I can sneak out with just a hundred words to go. That’s all I can do to keep alive my favourite song, given the reality.

I too have a dream, a fantasy;

It gets stolen by reality.

It is that which takes control,

As I try to manage the home,

To juggle with office meetings

And all the tasks in between.

To struggle with family time,

And get a bit that’s mine.

I work harder, the dream I stall.

But still fail to do it all

Fatigue then begins to creep,

and I can’t help falling asleep.

The dream is cancelled for today

But I will get back to it one day

That’s a promise, or perhaps a fantasy.

For now, I cope with reality.