Words that live on

Remember the days we prepared for exams and dreamt of the holidays to follow? I always had a long list of things to do in the vacations-that I would keep updating as I would make notes for the exam next day. And then the vacations would be over before I got to point no. 2 or 3 on the list.The same things happened to my blog. The last few months I kept pushing off things because I would be free in a few weeks. And then,   things just got busier and crazier till I forgot what I wanted to write about. Some of the things didn’t matter anymore…

Just one incident that still finds me shaken was reading about IHM’s daughter. Something no mother should have to go through, something that is so brutal, so final…

I remember holding my grandfather’s hand for hours as he turned to a cold block of wood. And I felt furious at the hordes of relatives who descended and suddenly started calling him “the body”. He was still my grandfather. I was praying so hard. He would of course draw in a breath again…
But he did not. 

There was no hope.
How does a mother deal with such a moment?

I salute you IHM. Your courage is amazing.

And so are your daughter’s words, which are a beacon to all mothers like me..
Why such a late tribute? Because I cannot go on to my blog without thinking of you. Isn’t it strange, when we don’t even know each other, except just through our words?


  1. I echo ur feelings totally. I did nt even know abt Tejaswee before IHM posted and just reading her blog made me fall in luv with her personality which is always gonna be here.

    I could so relate to the feelings u hd for ur grandpa then :( I ws feeling why his heart could not start beating again too :( I did nt want to accept the fact that he had left us :(

  2. Exactly Swaram-I too believed that if I pray hard enough, then they will be answered. How naive-if you look at it now. There are some facts that are inevitable-giving us know option but to accept them

  3. I echo your thoughts too,HM. I salute both IHM & Tejaswee!

  4. Right Deeps-she has faced the worst and still managed to retain such a positive attitude.

  5. I echo your thoughts too.. I cannot imagine somebody more courageous than IHM. What she went through is beyond doubt every parent's worst nightmare, and the way she handled it , is something to learn from.

  6. Yes Smitha-she's one lady with amazing strength.


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