A day in a life of Mom (with Computer savvy kids)

To anyone who finds the learning useful…

When the kids are not fighting over computer time and you know that something is very wrong, and you switch on the PC to find the screen looking like this…

One option is as Aurora suggested-just hang the monitor upside down and continue working.

For the ones who prefer more “in-the-box” solutions, just move the mouse left to right and top to bottom to figure out how exactly you need to move it to reach the right point when the screen is reversed (it’s quite easy one you get the hang of it).

Right click on the screen and scroll (with the mouse in reverse) till you get this menu.

And select the degree of rotation-depending on what your kid managed to do.

It’s simple isn’t it? Especially if you’ve had a couple of times to practice.

How on earth did they do it in the first place?

No point in asking unless you are prepared for an endless stream of:

But I did nothing…

She must have..

No I didn’t even go near it…

And I didn’t even look at it….

Oh! She is such a….

And if you are a mean Mom like me, you’d wait for one whole day before you let them know the screen is upright again!


  1. :) That was hilarious! Kids! They are amazing :) One full day without the computer - that must have killed them :)

  2. Heee heeee... I remember once when I was in Std. 5
    I did something similar to this to my Uncle's Work PC at his Office and he didn't let me touch his PC after then :(

    So I made a point ki I'd one day learn how to use this "TV with keyboard" :P

    And at last when I was selected for IIT, I asked for that but the computer was much better than the one I did the unusual thing on...

    I know it from the side of kids, how must they be feeling :(

    Moms and elders should understand we are kids

  3. OMG! They r super wiz kids na ... wish I cud spend more time with them that day :)

    Wil keep the solution in mind and hv taken note of the hint at the end too :P

  4. ROFL... :D :D

    And hey thanks for the tip there ;) :D

  5. Let me stop laughing before I type! Glad it wasn't my computer!

  6. Smitha: Oh! They managed quite well without the comp and nagged me only about 50 times if they could use my laptop for just 10 minutes!

    Ashish: Trying hard to think from their point of view. I wish they'd wait till IIT before they expriment on the comp-but I know that's asking for too much :(

    Swaram: You want me to send them over for a few days?

    Sakhi: Actually I clicked the screen for my own use. So that I don't need to invent the wheel again. But I have a strong feeling it'll be something else next time.

    Ramit: Yeah you should be. I am glad it was only this!

  7. You will not believe this, my MOM did that to the computer, and I [ the child] had to fix it.
    Role reversal ,much?

  8. Oh my god,I'm laughing my heart out! Hypermom,you're mean :D :D

  9. Hey Disguise: Welcome here.
    I remember a frantic neighbor asking me to help her close the multiple windows which kept popping up on her screen-before her son came home from school so I can believe you. Life does come a full-circle.

    Deeps: It's not that funny when it happens to you-twice. That mean streak is what makes them more careful next time (I hope-in vain)

  10. This could be your sample module on your ID portfolio. :)

  11. I didn't think of it that way. Yes I can use it-it has the instructor notes also :)


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