Time Flies. Yeah!

When I was struggling between changing diapers and feeding one kid, while getting the other one ready for school, this what all the wise old ladies around me would say.

 “They grow up so fast you’ll miss these days”. Oh yeah! After years of sleepless nights and sterilizing bottles, I was all ready to miss these days like I miss my tonsils and appendix.

My daughters are nine and six now. Years out of diapers, late night feeds and colic pains.

Old enough for us to be friends and have meaningful mother to daughter conversations that I always thought I’d have with them. Except that the trialogues often go off the script.

Conversation 1:

E: Why can’t I have a mobile phone?

L: You’ll get one when you are eighteen.

E: By then I’ll have money to buy it on my own.

 Thank you very much

 Conversation 2:

A: I am going to be a very kind mother when I grow up

L: Oh! How?

A: I am going to give lots of money to spend in the canteen. I am going to put a separate TV in their room, which they can watch whenever they want.

 That being an Ideal Ma, I changed the subject

 Conversation 3:

 After a Cadburys celebrations ad:

 E: I also want a brother. I want to tie Rakhi and get a gift.

 L: It's ok. You can tie it for Kush if you want to.

 E: (After one complete minute.) No I don’t need a brother. Can I tie one on Aurora’s hand?

L: You can. But Kush..(I come back to my agenda). It’ll be nice since he also doesn’t have a sister.

E: But I can’t tie a Rakhi for Kush. He is going to be my husband.

 I never tried after that

 Conversation 4:

 Me trying to preempt sibling rivalry

 L: Is it ok, if I buy the study table just for Didi. It is too big for you.

 A: (After really deep thought and a sigh.) It’s OK. You can give me the money.

 Conversation 5:

Aurora with yet more scrapes on her knee: Mummy, Sarthak pushed me off the swing.

L: Bachha that’s what happened yesterday also. Why don’t you play with the other girls instead?

Aurora: If I play with girls all the time, everyone will think I’m Gay.

Loverna: ***?//?***!!!!!!!!

 My neighbor is teaching her two year old the sounds which animals make. I envy her conversations.


  1. hahah "Conversation 4" was too good...
    mine is just 16 months...ya ya cleaning sippy cups, changing daipers

  2. Thanks Parvath: Make the most of this time. It'll soon fly :)

  3. Really amusing ! I can see where I am headed with my li'l one who is turning 4 soon ! Let me enjoy the last of "Mary-Had-a-lil-lamb" days with her :-) Keep it coming Reems, its a true solace for the tethering moms that we all are ! Wish I could write something nice like you do.... :-)

  4. Thanks Shivani.Although this one wasn't much about writing-it was more verbatim. Please savor each moment with your l'il one. This blog is an attempt by me to do the same.

  5. I read each conversations with interests and I found them very amusing. You could send these to Reader's Digest's Life's Like That or Some other section easily and also get paid for it. :)

  6. Maybe-sometime. Right now I'm having fun just writing :)

  7. This is just one superb post HM! Che .. Nw I so feel I shud hv hd more time with the girls :P U guys r all welcome to Hyd :)

    everyone will think I’m Gay - OMG! Thatz like ...

  8. No-we'll not think that at all...

    Please come over for a longer time-and you can write about ur conversations with them

  9. Oh sorry I think it ws confusing the way I wrote that :P

    I meant 'Aurora: If I play with girls all the time, everyone will think I’m Gay.' - Thatz like something I just wud nt hv thought of ;) ;)

  10. Exactly-That was my answer to her. (She learnt the concept from Dostana and took it to heart) That it is ok to play with girls!

  11. LOL!!! She is already worried about being called Gay! I would lvoe to meet your girls- they seem so delightful!

  12. Yes they make sure I don't run out of posts! Would love to meet you and your family too. Any plans of visiting Bangalore in the near future?

  13. LOL this post is a hoot;-D. I too have kids aged 8+ and 6...so can just imagine the scenario;-P

    In case u r wondering, I came thru the avant garde humourous post nominations:-))!!!

  14. Luved reading this one again ... my vote is for u :)
    Gud luck Hypermom :)
    Voted on the HSBC one too :)

  15. Reflections: So sorry to have missed responding to your comment, and thanking you so much for dropping by!

    Swaram: Thanks so much-I came to know of the final list because of your comment!!! You've been one of my inspirations for blogging-Thank you

  16. Thatz some nice words to pep me up .. thanks a lot :)

  17. Hey i have a two year old and is expecting the other one. was dreading the days ahead... after reading your post, i think may be i should eagerly await these as the worrysome days are for later :)) thanks for the smiles :)

  18. Swaram: I meant each word. I hope you win

    Anon: Each phase has it's own highs as you might have discovered by now. From the day we come parents, the worrisome days are here to stay. Thay are so much fun too...

    Thanks for dropping by and sorry for the late reply..(can I blame my two for that too?)


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