Mom Alone

Growing up is such a pain.

Especially when you have to do it when you think you are old enough not to do it anymore.

Leaving children at home and travelling for work is what Moms and Dads need to do all the time. And I had managed not to do all this time-it was a record.

Was-past tense

This one time-I am doing it. Not that I had run out of valid reasons, but this once I felt I could leave, knowing that they would be able to manage.
I am the one not able to ‘manage’.  Offering bubble-gum to a stranger as the flight takes off, not able to launch into my spiel about the history and geography of the place I am travelling to,  talking to my family only through the screen-not able to touch, feel, poke or tickle ………… is a whole lot of growing up.

Being the one staying back with the kids, managing the home-work-kids-and everything else issues, this once I feel that the one going away has it worse.

Do I have so much more to learn? 


  1. Oh ya, they miss family big time :( I know Dad and Mom used to hate it.
    But, njoy ur time off and be back refreshed :)

  2. Awww I can so understand you, HM! I had a terrible terrible time when I had to leave Namnam and visit home on an emergency. Although I was just away for 4 days, but it was really hard. It was a bit hard on Namnam too.

    In your case however the girls are slightly older so I'm sure they must be managing quite well. So you dont worry and enjoy your time off :)

  3. Swaram-Yeah I am lucky I got away (from not travelling) for so long. Feels so strange to come back to myself at the end of the day.

    Deeps: They are missing me, but managing quite well (Thanks to their Dad. I am the one who is finding it tough :(

  4. I can imagine.. The one thing I find impossible to do is stay away from daughter :( I have had to leave her with my parents a few times, but it was gutting :(

    Hugs! Loads of hugs!

  5. Smitha we Moms have a lot of "growing-up' left. So I am just postponing the thoughts of 'when she grows up' days


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