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Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day! Now how can I find time on a Sunday for that? Specially since I had a migraine, could not locate my Driving License and I had to take care of the entire week’s school uniforms with our Iron-Man (the presswala) off to his village.
Anyway these things are for kids aren’t they? And my friends always understand when I don’t pick up their calls or sometimes end a call abruptly. Work has to come first and it does. Family comes even before that. And in between, I do find some time for my friends, sometimes.
I know my friends deserve so much more.
And so this belated Friendship day post goes out as an apology to all of you.
To Pooja, who has been there for me ever since we were six year olds; Talking me out my mad-cap ideas, believing in me, even when I hardly give her any reason to do so, pushing me to do better, do more.
To Sonal, for still making time for me in her whirlwind schedule, for making me believe that some things to remain the same, so do some relations.
To Softy, for un…

Looking for a Silver lining

I have not retired from blogging. I have the same excuse as everytime.
I was just waiting for things to come back to turn right. But things just kept turning left.
Just the little mom things Like house-hunting with the stop-watch ticking away in countdown mode.
Like the kids’ exams to get over-they did. But then we had to make up for all the missed-out Guitar and Art classes. And the maid just had to leave for her native village for a three-day trip which got stretched to a week.
And it was just the time that we found that both cooking Gas cylinders were now empty, and a delivery which normally took three days, this time took 11! I did have the microwave to pull me through, but there just happened to be a day-long power-cut too.
And then the kitchen taps didn’t leave me the option of ignoring them till we moved away, the school van didn’t come one day, my partner in fire-fighting had to go away for two weeks, and the school declared a day off when it was my working day.
Is insomnia preferable t…

When you drop your camera in the sea

Smitha’s post on cameras brought back another memory for me. Of a trip where our digital camera fell into the sea at Kanyakumari and refused to get switched on
The next stop was Thiruvananthapuram.
The Service Centres said they would take a week to let us know if it could be repaired. Still hoping that it could be, we picked up a Kodak Camera which used a 'Roll' of film to print pictures.
I didn’t know they still existed.
My daughters thought it was weird. What you don’t get to see the picture? How do you click then? How do you know if a picture got clicked?
You don’t. You see and you click, and you wait till you click all the photos, and go back home, find the time to drop off the Roll for printing and pick it up again.
It sure is an exercise in patience. And you do not have the luxury of clicking away in haste, deleting in leisure. 
But you do get to treasure the moment.

Lost in languages

Why can’t these people speak in English? My friend fumed as a project discussion again lapsed into local lingo. Why don’t you learn the language, someone quipped back.
But what language was that?
When I had shifted from Delhi, I just knew that people in Karnataka spoke Kannada. Soon, I learnt, Bangalore was another world.  First, you need to identify which of the 7-8 (leaving out the dialects) languages was being spoken.
Oh it's not that difficult, when most of the words end with “u” it’s Telegu, when they end with “aa” it’s Kannada, Malayalam sounds completely different, and Tamil you can make out from the tone….was the advice. As for Tulu and Coorgi, they are somewhat similar to Malayalam.
Wooah! I stopped trying to figure out languages from then on.
In Germany, I was touched when people would look up words online to get the right English word to explain things to me.
Oh, but when an animated discussion starts everyone lapses back to fluent native German. And then they notice me, and…

What do I say?

Loving someone means having never saying Thank you?

Ok, Eric Segal said something slightly different, but having spent a lifetime on mushy romances, I  do think that sometimes, it is such an inadequate think to say.

But then what do you say to the one who drops everything to stay back and make Palak tortillas with the kids while you fly away?

To the one who reads instructions off the carton, to bake a cake on my birthday?

To the one who believes in me even after knowing me so well?

To the one--ahem--who actually does not like me writing my thoughts on a I am not getting any mushier...

Just wanted to find a better way to say Thank You!

Mom Alone

Growing up is such a pain.
Especially when you have to do it when you think you are old enough not to do it anymore.
Leaving children at home and travelling for work is what Moms and Dads need to do all the time. And I had managed not to do all this time-it was a record.
Was-past tense
This one time-I am doing it. Not that I had run out of valid reasons, but this once I felt I could leave, knowing that they would be able to manage. I am the one not able to ‘manage’. Offering bubble-gum to a stranger as the flight takes off, not able to launch into my spiel about the history and geography of the place I am travelling to, talking to my family only through the screen-not able to touch, feel, poke or tickle ………… is a whole lot of growing up.
Being the one staying back with the kids, managing the home-work-kids-and everything else issues, this once I feel that the one going away has it worse.
Do I have so much more to learn?

How to be a cool parent

Papa, I am dropping the Mech Paper. I know I will flunk if I appear in it. First year at college, and I had just learnt that it was now possible to “drop” papers you think are too tough!
The cool Dad reply Beta, why don’t you read up a bit, whatever you can, and give it a shot? You might just clear it and not have to read the WHOLE thing again. Just try a little… There was some logic in it.. Oh Ok. I’ll try what I can do. But I just want you to know I might not clear.. That’s ok, you can always study all over again, but I do think it’ll be much easier if you can manage to read up a little now…
It’s final exam time at home now. And the toughest part of my job is convincing these two to study.
As I gear up for another argument, telling myself I am not going to lose my cool/blow a fuse this time, Dad’s words echo in my mind.
Was there a small pause in his voice as he heard my declaration? ..A sharp intake of breath and a hesitation as he thought over what to say?
Are there some memories that become …

First love

No it's not about my daughters' but my own...

The heady, exhilaration.. The soft, mushy feeling.. A solace, a homecoming An adventure, a discovery
Someone who was always there for me, Setting my imagination free, Letting my dreams soar Bringing a smile on my face no matter how lousy the day was,
My best friend, my strength, my happiness, My best memories If that isn’t love, then what is? My Amar Chitra Kathas,
The man who gave me some of the best moments of my life, who shaped my childhood, passed away early this month.
I had to log on to pay homage to this wonderful man, And to thank him for leaving behind a wonderful legacy for my children too.. .
(This is my younger daughter’s typical afternoon read-unwinding after school, even during exam time. And I can’t blame her.)

So even though I am on an unplanned blog break,
even though I am running a backlog on my work, on kids' exam preparation, I had to write this one post.

Thank you, Uncle Pai! For making my childhood so much better.

The Birthdays again

Another round of birthdays-days of hectic activity, running around, last minute crisis…and complete MADNESS at home..It’s this which keeps me away from my blog too, this time of the year!
On one hand we are grateful that we only have to do it once in a year, on the other hand we feel completely drained out this time of the year-physically, mentally and financially!
And yet we do it with more zeal every year!
Planning both parties, buying everything we can get our hands on, cooking up surprises, making plans to delight them at every step...
However this time, I was questioning myself more.
Yes, it is ok to splurge once in a while, but shouldn’t we be thinking of the other little girls out there, who are still struggling to live? Are we teaching them the right things?  After years of receiving, shouldn’t I be teaching them to give more?  Maybe, from next year, we’ll spend half the effort in taking them around to the blind school or SOS village and let them experience the joy of sharing their g…

Just a few words..

Why have I stopped writing? 'No Time to write' is obviously is the first excuse. But then like the school kid having to think beyond 'viral fever', I had to think of a new excuse when the same friends kept asking again. 
A writer’s block? Well that was a new one for me and it became the new favorite. It also sounded kind of "cool" to flinch one of the kids' terms.
And just like it happens in the good old fairy tales, it became true.
I got so used to not writing that I didn’t miss it any more.
Because I had nothing to write, and so many of other things to do, I stopped logging in. Then I didn’t get updates from other blogs too. More time on my hand. Took up knitting. Atleast that doesn’t upset people like words do.
Packed away writing like a piece of nostalgia that doesn’t belong to the present anymore. And just like nostalgic memories, the longing to write and share didn’t go away. It keeps popping up, just like now.
Has the block worn away a bit? Will it go aw…