My daughter and my best friend

Elena grew up as my best friend.
She looks like me and even thinks, talk and reacts like me.

And she hates me.
She proclaims this at least 10 times in a day.

She hates me because I refuse to let her change her school bag for the fourth time in this month.

She hates me because I refused to let her go swimming when I am not at home.

She hates me because she has to take my permission at times, while I don’t need to take hers.

She hates me when I don’t let her use lipstick, but I do so myself.

She hates me when I do “personal work” (work which is not directly related to them or the household).

She also hates me when I am around too much.

In fact, if I start compiling all the reasons, it will go on till next week. And the conclusion will remain the same.

Is it because I am such a dragon/ogreee? Or because she is of “that” age? Or both?

Or because, as our Grand Referee says, Elena and I are just so similar in the way we think, talk, react….

There are times when she does stop treating me like a friend, and comes looking for a mother. I see my baby in her and we are both glad to find each other.

And then we go back to being “best friends” again.

Sometimes, I prefer her being only a daughter. Sometimes, I am not so sure….


  1. mom and daughter..the love and hate its always love n love actually... :)

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  2. Thatz such a lovely bond no?

  3. HM, I can't tell you how much I love your posts :)

    Btw this could have been me and my mom a couple of decades ago :)

  4. Deepa-U could be right. From the Mom's side it is always love-pure and simple. It's the daughter who gets confused at times.

    Will read your blog. thanks for stopping by...

    Swaram: It is a precious bond. Just feels fragile at times and I feel so unsure...

    Smitha: Thanks Smitha
    This gives me hope-once she is allowed lipstick and doesn't need my permission to go swimming, do you think she'll stop hating me?

  5. SIGH!!! :) :)

    Looks like your daughter is like mine, or is it that all mother-daughters are like this?

  6. Thanks Sakhi-and here I was thinking I get voted "uncontested" to the "worst mom" position.

    At times she calls me to say "I know you can't argue while working, so can you come home early..."


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