One to Mom to another

Me, the office-going mom:

I try so hard to be there for them and yet she fell so badly, and I was not there..

My friend, the stay-at-home mom:

Well, I was standing right next to my son; he still slipped and broke his arm…

Guess we can only do so much.


  1. Ha ha .. thatz the only way we learn probably .. wonder what my Mom has to say ;)

  2. So true, actually. My daughter fell right in front of me and hurt her head. I was there and I knew she would fall, but before I could anything - she was on the floor. There is only so much we can do - we can't protect them every single time, irrespective of whether we work or stay at home.

    Hugs, HM!

  3. exactly,hypermom! Thers only so much we can do.

    I'm a stay at home mom but there are times when Namnam falls off the chair or trips on the floor even before I can reach out and hold her.

  4. Don't worry... it happens to us all! growing up process for them. And trying not to feel guilty for us!! :)

  5. Swaram: Do let us know your Mom's words. Her advice wud be most welcome.

    Smitha: I know Smitha, they have to fall n learn. But I still feel so bad when they r hurt and I cannot do anything about it.

    Ashish: You are absolutely right. And Kids will be Kids!

    Deeps: we can only hope they learn and grow up ---fast!

    Sakhi: Thanks. I know logically there isn't anything more that I can do. Just get these pangs at times...


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