The days Moms dread

Déjà vu

I was holding packs of ice to stem the bleeding as a neighbor drove us to the emergency section of the hospital.
Last time it was Aurora , it's Elena this time.

My neighbors proved to be the real blessing. Last time I had just taken one look at Aurora’s blood soaked face and rushed to the car-without even my purse or phone, and leaving the house open. Someone locked up after me, and took Elena home (to have a sumptuous dinner with lots of TV), while another one drove me to the hospital. This time, they had already cleaned up the smaller of the wounds by the time I rushed in..

And I am so thankful to the staff at the often maligned Manipal Hospital. Their response in case of emergencies is fantastic. Right from their approach, promptness, level of preparedness, their concern and expertise- I am so grateful for all of that.

My warrior is home now-with five stitches on her chin.

She has stopped clinging to me as a sign of "return to normalcy".

She hates the doctor who tricked her and put the sutures. (That means she is better now).

No-She declared she is not better. She can hardly move her mouth (except to say how everything was just not fair) so she could have only maggi noodles or pasta for dinner. I was still not my normal Loverna self as I gave in…

By bed time things were normal enough for her to declare: Mamma it’s just not fair. I do that every day (hanging onto the upper rods of a revolving merry-go-rod) and I fell yesterday also, so why did they have to put stitches!!!??

Loverna too comes back to her normal mode: Yes. It is so unfair. Let’s do it tomorrow again and see whether you need stitches or not..

Praying that she doesn’t try it for some time at least.


  1. Oh dear! That is indeed the days that moms dread. Thank god for neighbours and friends who pitch in and help.

    I had a similar experience with Poohi. I literally ran out of the house, leaving everything with my friend and neighbour. I can't even describe the feeling.

    Thank god Elena is fine. So she is taking full advantage of being an invalid :)

  2. OH! I just pray she never tries it again... GWS Elena :)

  3. Oh God ... I am so glad she is better nw even is she wants to eat only Pasta and Noodles. Thatz scary indeed!

    I remember the day my sis feel from the staircase [we used to slide along the railings] somewhere from the 14th or 15th step thud down and fractured her ankle :( It ws more painful for us probably to see here!

    Hope she gets better soon and continues with the birthday planning.

    Thanks for that ray of hope Hypermom ... with so many -ve reviews abt Manipal, this ws much needed :) And u r so lucky to hv such neighbours .. God bless all!

  4. KIDS!!! :rolling eyes:

    Even though i am a trained medico, when my kiddo fell down and i saw HER blood, my heart jumped into my mouth... phew!!

    Thank god for such good neighbours!! :)

  5. Smitha: U needn't describe the feeling-there are no right words for the combination of fear, desperation and prayer at that moment.

    I am now thankful that she is back to the grumbling and taking advantage mode now-just shows that she is ok.

    Ashish: "Never again" felt like stretching hope too far-that is why I hoped for "some time" :)

    Swaram: She went to McD yesterday and had a burger-so her "chin ache" excuse is over!

    Yes it is actually more painful for the others around-I've also done my share of staircase sliding but thankfully these two haven't had that opportunity yet...

    Oh and I really appreciate Manipal-the fact that I trust them with my kids in an emergency proves it. doesn't it? And I am so grateful for my neighbours...

    Sakhi: Oh yes. Thank God!
    Seeing your kid in pain is so traumatic-I have wondered how doctors coped. Can you treat her professionaly-or does being a mother take precedence? Must be a tough call..

  6. Ya true .. ws really nice to know the +ve thing abt Manipal. I hv always believed service there is gud .... the high cost as ppl claim makes them see only the negative side probably :)

  7. Thank god,Elena is fine now. Sometimes yes, neighbors are god sent in our lives!

    I remember when Namnam had one of those bouts of fibrile convulsion abt 2years back and my husband was away on tour. My mind had stopped working literally ad it was my neighbors who took us to the hospital. And even today when I think of that incident I say a little prayer for them.

  8. I thought I had already commented here! Hows Elena now?

    You knwo hypermom, I had a similar experience when Namnam had one of her bouts of fibrile convulsion about 2 years back. And my husband was away on tour. My neighbors were truly godsent for me that day. They dropped us at the hospital made sure we were attended to.
    Even today when I think of that day, I say a little prayer for my neighbours. I shudder to think what would I have done if they had not been there.

    Do give lots of hugs to Elena. My best wishes to her and Aurora :)

  9. Swaram: Yes Manipal is expensive. N the people who complain probably have their own experiences. My experience has been good and that is why I mentioned it-might help someone.

    Deeps: Oh God-Convulsions for a small child sound so scary-and having to deal with them alone is even scarier. I am so glad you had such great neighbors.

    Elena is fine now-stitches are out and she is back to all normal activities. Thanks for your wishes,


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