Growing up, going online..

While I wait for the day when the kids will have grown up, there are these moments when I look  at them and wonder if it isn’t it happening too fast!


Me naming each object I took out while cleaning the fridge, and Elena repeating them with a baby lisp…Eggsh, Tomatoess, Butterl, Juice, Papa’s Juice… is called Beeeeeerl

When did she learn that?
I stand corrected.

Cut to present…

She is just feeling her way around a keyboard, playing games, and asks if I can create an email account for her…

Days later,

I see she is online and ping her with a cheery Hi!
My chat window blinks:
Elena: … the red circle with a bar means I am busy. I can’t chat with you now.
Loverna: Your Internet time is up, please log off
Elena: Ok.
Her status changes to offline.

And I am really not sure whether she’s offline or “ invisible”

Am I being “Hyper” in feeling scared and wondering what next and deciding to supervise her net activity more actively, to talk about the need to chat only with “approved” friends?

And then I read this article on what can happen to any kid:

It’s on us to keep our children safe, and if I need to get hyper, then I’ll do that too…..


  1. I read that article a couple of days back too, Hypermom and it scares me :( I wonder how much we will be able to control their activities.

    I just hope that we will be able to instill that sense of right and wrong that will help them make the right choices..

    LOL@ 'Papa’s Juice… is called Beeeeeerl' - We are still at Daddy's juice stage right now :) She goes Daddy's juice - Ewww! :)

  2. Ohh thatz scary! Shud just hope kids listen to our advice abt right and wrong and understand that :(

    LOL @ Papa's Juice :P

    @Smitha: Poohi goes Ewww ... ha ha ha ;)

  3. I stopped and laughed a lot at "Papa's juice". :P What were you teaching her?? :D

  4. So sorry for the delay in responding!

    Ramit: Elena is nine now. Going on nineteen...

    Smitha: So you are at the Daddy's Juice stage now.Belt up, it gets more fun....

    What scared me about the article was that it wasn't as if the kid was unsupervised or is such a normal situation, when the kids start exploring the world on their comp and just get lost.

    I just hope and pray when our time comes, we are able to guide our kids better.

    There are so many ways in which things go wrong.You made the most important point-I too hope they LISTEN.

    Poonam: Beta tera time aane de!

  5. I read the article a couple of days back and it scared the hell out of me.

    I think if our children have faith in us and tell us openly about what is happening in their lives then we,as parents can guide them in taking the right decisions. Of course it upto us the we give them the assurance that they can trust us.

    LOL @ papa's juice..nooooo..its called beeeeeer!

  6. Deeps: I just hope the kids keep talking to me about things that matter-sometimes, I get really low on confidence..

    Papa's juice: yeah. I remember that so clearly, because it was such a "wake up" moment.

  7. LOL@ Papa's juice :) They are smarter than we realise :)

    And I read the link - I feel all parents should be aware of this.

  8. IHM: Yes. That, like some for moments, is what makes me take their intelligence really seriously. They pick up so much info we don't even notice-and as they grow older, it is becoming more of a concern!


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