The Wind Beneath My Wings

Years ago, when as a disillusioned and utterly confused teenager, I decided to junk whatever I was doing and sit for the Engineering entrance exams, everyone thought I had lost it completely. The exams were just a couple of months away, the last date for most forms was long gone, and I found Calculus more confusing than Greek and Roman mythology put together.

There was one person who made me believe I could do it. She made me do it.

When I lost someone and refused to grieve, it was a friend who forced me to cry. I do it readily for soppy movies and books, but when it really mattered, it took a friend.

When I was alone because of the crowd around me, when I was losing myself playing out the roles I was supposed to, it was a friend who made me face the woman in the mirror.

Years later, when in another of those moments I decided to quit my decently paid, on my terms kind of job, the whole world tried to convince me to look at things the rational way. (No have you lost it reactions now-everyone who knows me, knows that I never had “it”, whatever “it’s” supposed to be.) World economics and logic notwithstanding, she told me to go ahead. Guess what I did?

And when half asleep, in the middle of the night, I posted my first blog entry, it was a friend from the opposite corner of the world who wrote back that instant, pointing out a typo in the first line.

If I had the power to make one wish for my kids, this is what I’d wish for them too; that they have friends like I do.

It’s like having a safety net beneath the trapeze. Just knowing they are there gives me the strength to fly.


  1. Lovely post. Very touching and so true. We might not talk to each other for days or months at end but in the recesses of our heart there is always this faith that you are there for me. That indeed is the wind beneath the wings.

  2. Yeah, you are right. Having such dependable friends takes care of half the trouble. When I was going through a bad patch last year, withdrawal was first thing I suffered. My sister was my best friends in those times. Put up with my mood swings. Now, of course, things ahve chnaged a lot and its friends who matter made a difference.

  3. This was very personal and different from the other posts. Thought twice before publishing it. But then I had too...write about the ones who made things better for me by just being there.

  4. Oh u r so rt :) N a very well-written post :)

  5. Thanks Swaram-it was direct dil se.


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