Letting go

Sailing when the wind is high, riding out the king tide in a wind so strong that it snatches the rudder from your hands-yes that’s how the journey feels at times. Bringing up my two daughters, managing work and home is so like trying to stay vertical in a force nine gale-at times. 

There are spells in between when the wind becomes gentle, lifting us over the waves and carrying us over the years. But it still takes a lot of faith to lift my hands from the rudder and just float. 

I am trying to do that now. To regain a bit of my hardly existent sanity and to cruise at a slower pace. So many years of trying to control the winds from taking over my ship has done that. This blog is to share and seek support in becoming a better mother. {The best compliment I’ve had on this is from our Princess Aurora “Mamma, can you imagine, Mukul’s mother is worse than you!” Unimaginable Indeed!}


  1. Hahaha... Aurora seems to be intelligent.. ;) Just Kidding.

  2. This is so much different from the two others. someone's getting back in the groove.

  3. Vee: Yes she is. sometimes too smart for me :(

    Chitra: Thanks. I'm trying to..

  4. OMG! She said that :P
    Man, reminds me one of our family friend's daughter hd told her she behaves like a step-mom!

  5. Oh Wow! I guess my kids also think that.


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