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Making Sense of an Ending

A seventeen year-old in my neighborhood jumped to his death. His parents are devastated. I, like most of the people who have known them for years, shocked to the core. I had thought I’d tell me daughters about the incident only when they came home for the holidays, when we could have a longer conversation. But bad news travel fast and it was my daughter who asked me for ‘details’.
Then I had to write to them. I write to them often but this time I did not know what to write. Why am I putting parts of it in the public domain? As a prayer from a mother who hopes that no parent has to live through this.
What happened? He jumped from the 7th Floor.
Why? Only he knew what was going on in his mind at that moment. Anything else we say would be an un-called for assumption.
What other details can I give you? His parents will be in pain for a very long time. It is like he stabbed them and went off, leaving the knives in.
We are all shocked. We, who knew him as a much loved child a friend of our childre…