My Story and Hers: Which way do we go?

This is a continuation of events from my previous post when my friend and I had decided we needed to change the ‘new’ school.

My mother said bye to me as usual as I left for school. Then she stood still with shock and screamed: You are wearing the wrong uniform. You have the grey-and-white uniform now.
(She had also given away my old blue uniform, I had to borrow one from a friend and it was two sizes bigger than my size).

I told her I am not going to the ‘grey-and-white uniform’ school anymore but my old blue uniform one.

Yes, I knew I could not just walk into a school like that.
My friend had spoken to the office staff and got my Transfer Certificate request cancelled.
I had visited the old school, met the Principal, the admin staff and my friends. My school had changed.

My parents had a conference between each other that day and they let me continue my way; probably because of the shock factor of the drastic step.

This was perhaps the first independent decision of my life. Was it the right one? It did feel right and I have never regretted it. I felt bad about the time and money lost in the school-change drama but was so glad, I could take the U-turn in time.

As a parent at the same stage now, I had the same doubts about my daughter continuing 11th and 12th grades from her school.  She had selected subjects that were considered 'tough'. She’ll be dealing with the ISC curriculum which again is a tough one. She’ll not have tutor support and she’ll be busy with sports, art, extra-curricular activities while most students of her age in city schools would be focusing entirely on academics.

She was sure she wanted to continue in her school.
Was it the right decision for her? I’m not sure.
But it is her life and her decision.
I can only be there to try and help it become the right one for her. And if it turns out to be a wrong one-we’ll just have to take a U-turn, together.


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