Restarting this blog (Again!)

This is another 'About-me' post to mark the new reboot attempt.

As you can see (read), I’m trying to pick up the threads and continue the stories in this blog after a long break.

I need your help in the form of feedback-on the content, layout, structure, format, well on everything. I am especially weak on the technology, platform side of blogging. Thanks to those of you who responded immediately to my call for suggestions-taking out the time to go through my ramblings in spite of your schedules and coming back with your much valued inputs. Please bear with me as I try to categorize and arrange my posts in a coherent order.  Or should I just junk the effort and move to a new WordPress platform? Please keep the feedback flowing.

Having awesome friends has been my biggest strength in life and you’ll find that evidence scattered through my blog posts. It has helped my getting over so much more than technology issues and writing blocks: the insanity in the crazy-busy days of being a hands-on parent; the loneliness of ‘distance parenting’; and yes, even the darkness of an ongoing cancer battle in the family. Restarting this blog and my book project is my way of thanking them for being there for me.

My daughters have grown up into young adults since I started blogging-they don’t need me so much for the day to day logistics, but need me just as much for food when they come back from boarding. And yes for the debates, arguments, confrontations and some conversations. So the 'mom stories' remain the same.

Professionally, I am still in the learning industry, juggling within the different domains in corporate learning with an occasional stint in the social sector. And I am just as frustrated that with all the theories and strategies on learning, the tools and the technology, there has been so little change in the area where it is needed most-the way our children learn at school.

Where am I going?

In my posts under ‘Exploring Education’ I am sharing my own experiences, dilemmas and questions on the system which needs to work better. I don’t have the answers. Just hoping and trying to influence some change, somewhere.

And then there is the book project-the stories of some mad girls in college. Too early to talk more about them, but we might meet them along the way in the coming posts. Tell me when you spot them :)


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