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It’s been a long time. It’s been like losing touch with an old friend. You think of her, but then you realize you don’t know her new numbers. You think of asking for it, someday. Life keeps happening, tasks keep getting added onto the to-do list faster than you can tick them off and someday gets postponed, again.
You still think of her, you know it is not too difficult to call, but don’t know what to talk.
Maybe, it’s better leaving some moments only for the memory. Maybe, it’ll be more disappointing to talk and find we have nothing much to say to each other anymore. But maybe, I’ll regret having not made the call even more.
Had it been a mythical friend I was talking about-I could have even added ‘waiting for her to make the first move’ to my list of excuses. I was thinking of my old mommy blog-which feels like a friend I have ignored for a long time, but have never been able to forget completely. It feels strange to log in again. I am actually nervous. What if I make a start again…