I don't think I can do it

I don’t want to be strong anymore.
I want to break down and howl.
I want to be irrational, emotional.

I want to go back on all the wise, thoughtful, logical decisions.
I just want to keep my child close to me.

So many years ago, the doctor cut off a cord, so that she could become her own self.
It hurts just like that today;
Cutting off yet another cord, and I can’t even cry out with pain
because I have to be a mother first.
Can I do it?
Maybe yes,
because she needs me to smile.


  1. Hugs hugs HM! I cant imagine the pain you must be in..but if it will make you feel better and lighter..go ahead..cry, break down, scream as much as you want..right here!

    She is going to be fine, HM! And you're one strong mother she is blessed to have! Best wishes to both of you!


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