A Bird gets me to blog

Saw a mother bird teach her brood to fly
Not much teaching actually.

She flew and they saw
She chirped and they fluttered their downy wings
Hopped and fluttered them a little more
Perched on the ledge and skipped a few steps

In a few days they were all soaring towards the sky
And then they left home.

Did the mother bird know that they would go away so soon?
Is she happy that they can now fly on their own paths?
Scared, that they may not find the way home?
Lonely, because they may not want to come back?
Guilty, because she could have cared for them a little longer?
Angry, because they no longer need her?
Content, that she has done her work well?
Proud, that they have flown so high that even she cannot reach them?
Confident, that they will reach the stars?
Thankful, for the moments she got to spend with them?

Mother birds is happily chirping away,
My eyes are still on the chicks trying to ride the wind;

My chicks complete another year of school, 
the fluttering gets louder...


  1. :) Been so long since I met you and the chicks! Must have grown up so much now :)

    1. Yes.They are trying out their wings now.
      Come, fly with us :)

  2. I am sure it will be difficult once OUR chicks fly away... Sigh!!!

    1. Hi Sakhi
      Sorry about the long delay in replying. Still struggling to regain my 'online' time :(
      That time will come soon-we will have to stand back and watch them soar.


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