Looking for a Silver lining

I have not retired from blogging.
I have the same excuse as everytime.

I was just waiting for things to come back to turn right.
But things just kept turning left.

Just the little mom things
Like house-hunting with the stop-watch ticking away in countdown mode.

Like the kids’ exams to get over-they did. But then we had to make up for all the missed-out Guitar and Art classes.
And the maid just had to leave for her native village for a three-day trip which got stretched to a week.

And it was just the time that we found that both cooking Gas cylinders were now empty, and a delivery which normally took three days, this time took 11!
I did have the microwave to pull me through, but there just happened to be a day-long power-cut too.

And then the kitchen taps didn’t leave me the option of ignoring them till we moved away, the school van didn’t come one day, my partner in fire-fighting had to go away for two weeks, and the school declared a day off when it was my working day.

Is insomnia preferable to nightmares haunted by houses and exam papers and cooking breakfast on powerless microwaves?

Maybe not-I realized as I heard the screeching dent on my car.

The quotes on positive thinking just did not work.

It was only on reaching office and drinking hot-coffee from a machine that worked that I could think of the silver lining.

The dent is on the left fender!
The old one! For which I can now claim a replacement.

Let me celebrate by logging in.


  1. Wow! Now that is something that went right! Your way of thinking is something I like - I do that often. More power to us silver lining hunters

  2. Allz well with u logging in and posting here. Welcome bk :)

  3. LOL! So the hot-coffee did the trick,eh?? And blogging- perfect way to celebrate! :))

  4. Hey thanks for still visiting my blog. Feels nice to get back.

    @Ritu-I so admire the way you think :) If I am getting there, I know I am going to be OK.

    @Swaram-Yes. All's well-even though there are crazy times, when I write about them, they seem so much better.

    @Deeps-Yessss. That woke me up and I was so happy that the dent was on the right (in this case-left) side-that I felt like blogging after a long time.

  5. Hang in there Reema. Do you need some chocolates to go with the coffee as a backup?

  6. OOOh Thanks. Just the offer was good enough! The fact that my friends are around makes me feel the sunshine.

  7. Welcome back... and yess coffee always does the trick ...

    Keep blogging looking forward to read you :)


  8. Specially coffee that you don't have to make! Thanks-I do miss not blogging. Sometimes I just post in mt head-hope to do it more on this blog

  9. :) I completely empathise and i know how difficult it is to THINK positive with all these... but i am glad you weren't hurt :)


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