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Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day! Now how can I find time on a Sunday for that? Specially since I had a migraine, could not locate my Driving License and I had to take care of the entire week’s school uniforms with our Iron-Man (the presswala) off to his village.
Anyway these things are for kids aren’t they? And my friends always understand when I don’t pick up their calls or sometimes end a call abruptly. Work has to come first and it does. Family comes even before that. And in between, I do find some time for my friends, sometimes.
I know my friends deserve so much more.
And so this belated Friendship day post goes out as an apology to all of you.
To Pooja, who has been there for me ever since we were six year olds; Talking me out my mad-cap ideas, believing in me, even when I hardly give her any reason to do so, pushing me to do better, do more.
To Sonal, for still making time for me in her whirlwind schedule, for making me believe that some things to remain the same, so do some relations.
To Softy, for un…

Looking for a Silver lining

I have not retired from blogging. I have the same excuse as everytime.
I was just waiting for things to come back to turn right. But things just kept turning left.
Just the little mom things Like house-hunting with the stop-watch ticking away in countdown mode.
Like the kids’ exams to get over-they did. But then we had to make up for all the missed-out Guitar and Art classes. And the maid just had to leave for her native village for a three-day trip which got stretched to a week.
And it was just the time that we found that both cooking Gas cylinders were now empty, and a delivery which normally took three days, this time took 11! I did have the microwave to pull me through, but there just happened to be a day-long power-cut too.
And then the kitchen taps didn’t leave me the option of ignoring them till we moved away, the school van didn’t come one day, my partner in fire-fighting had to go away for two weeks, and the school declared a day off when it was my working day.
Is insomnia preferable t…