Sisterly love

Yes it’s incomparable.
If you have grown up with one, or a mom to a pair who are bickering incessantly, constantly, you know what I mean. Like most Moms, I too have developed selective hearing and manage to tune out most of the

She did it first…
She always…

..and react only when it reaches the level of..

It’s bleeding, look she scratched me!

That’s enough.

If you don’t stop behaving like cats and dogs I’m changing your names to Tommy and..well Kitty..

Oh! Can I be Kitty? She always growls like a dog anyway.

How dare you? You are the one who runs howling to Mom. You Tommy Shooo

Shall I scratch you again and show you? You…

Too late to take back my words, I tune them out again.

Motherhood does teach you some amazing skills!


  1. LOL, HM!! You are so cute..seriously you are!!

  2. Ha ha ha! Awesome. Wonder hw much they wud hv changed in an yr. I met the sweet girls last September :)

    And I sooo know what u mean. Sigh! Bliss fighting with the sister too :P

  3. LOL!!HM, that was so so so funny!

  4. Deeps: You mean me??? or these two brats?
    BTW we are in this conversation in all seriousness.

    Swaram: I never had a sister and I fail to see the delights of all the snapping and sniping. I should get your mother's take on your definition of "bliss"! Do you know by what age this will stop? become a little more dignified??

    Smitha: Would you like being the cat/dog refree for a few days? Please...

  5. The two brats are absolutely adorable, no doubt about that..but I meant you you you, HM :))). The way you treat your harried state in such a funny manner is realy cute and totally hug-worthy :)

  6. Kids these days are awesome.. sometimes i feel wonder how it would have been if i was BORN now :)

    they have all the fun these days :) my paretns were so strict


  7. Deeps: Thank u so much! I need all the support I can get to keep me sane..

    Bikramjit: Thank you for stopping by..
    I too feel that way sometimes, but I guess every generation feels this way. And of course, we did manage to have our fun, inspite of all the strictness..yeah, the definitions do change

  8. Hey HM, been so long since u updated this page or I even saw u arnd on FB or elsewhere. hw r u dng?

  9. wasn't doing too good Swaram, but am back now. Thank you for reminding me I have a blog to get back to!

  10. You are absolutely right. You get to learn lots and lots of things as mother and first comes patience.

  11. Hi Swati-thanks for stopping by and my apologies for the late response. I was on sort of a blog-break, but yes, the mother hood experiences keep bringing me back


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