Best Friends Forever

Mamma, can you guess who is my BFF?

Ishita? Well she was the one you loved to play with most as she has the most awesome collection of Barbie accessories.

NO. She is not my friend anymore. Last time she bought chips from the canteen she did not share all of them. Cheater.

Saumyaa is my best friend now.

She shares everything. I also like playing with her little brother and we always have so much fun together.

Some days later she was in tears because she would have to miss Saumyaa’s birthday party. It was on the day we were travelling to Goa. No amount of cajoling would convince her ….

I know I’ll like Goa but it’s not the same thing Mamma. I’ll be missing all the fun and games in the party.

Yes I know we’ll be partying in Goa also, but MY FRIENDS will not be there.

You can take me to her house another day to play with her, but IT’S NOT THE SAME THING! I won’t be wearing my pink party frock or the heels, will I?

She won’t be giving me a return gift either.

A muffled sob and tear filled eyes-and I could see all the heartbreak.

The next day she practically jumped on me in sheer joy!!

Mom, I have such GREAT news. You won’t believe it! Saumyaa is having her party a day before we are leaving!!!!!

Now I’ll have to reschedule all my plans for the evening, the last minute shopping and packing, returning library books, and instead will be picking up a gift and driving this lady to and from the party.

..but then it’s her best friend’s birthday


  1. LOL! Kids! Mine had such a moment before we left on our India trip. Thankfully, she is not yet difficult to distract. But I can see this coming :)

  2. Ha ha God answers sincere prayers and wishes :)
    Goa trip - wow! Hv a nice time :)

  3. Smitha: Yes while a lot of things get simpler, reasoning with them is one of the things which gets more n more difficult. Wish me luck!

    Swaram: Actually it was more a case of Mom's giving in. Her friends birthday was on the 9th but she got the party preponed-maybe a similar scene at that end.

  4. Cho chweet... but i know it first hand too! :) HUGS to the li'l one! :)

  5. sweet! Ok, I know now what I need to look forward plans getting all topsy-turvy to suit my madam's whims,right?? :))Hugs to the cutie pie :)

  6. @Sakhi: Yes, that's some experience!

    @Deeps: Oh Birthday parties are one big thing. You'll need to stock up on gifts and wrapping paper and be ready for the pick n drop service-n will enjoy it too..

  7. So, how did your Goa trip go? Read the Durgo Pujo post - I still feel the same way. Tho this time me and Divya visited a pandal together.

    And about sisters (latest post) - my sis and me have bickered and at times beat each other to pulp. But now strangely, we inwardly try to hold all our moments together - be regretful when one has to part. We don't say it too aloud always. But it's there. She is her with me right now. Some more days, she will be gone. Already a coldness is gathering inside my heart - I haven't told her yet. We are trying to laugh as much as we can.


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