Moms have all the fun

There are two sides to every story. As I kept thinking I had the toughest job in the world, this was my daughter’s statement.
And as usual she had a long list of reasons…

You keep getting my hair cut short and grow yours because you wanted to be the prettiest in the house.

We have to wear the same uniform everyday and you can wear all pretty clothes to office. You can use nail polish and even lipstick in office! And your office doesn’t give any homework. (She really loved my office)

We have to study in school and also do homework. We even have exams. And your work means using the laptop and going online. (How can that be work?)

You stop going to office but we have to go to school every day. (That hurts her most-just the thought of mom waving her off to school and being free to watch TV).

What brought matters to the head was me feeling too sick to eat Roti-Chicken, or to cook for myself. I made some maggi and took it to bed.
You are eating Maggi! And when I was sick I had to eat khicdi and soup!!!

Yeah kid. When I am down, feeling sorry for myself, and missing my mom, you do make me count my blessings.


  1. Hw sweet :) Sigh! u nw made me count my blessings too :) Gone r those days of checking our polished shoes and sharpened leads daily :P :P

  2. And though you look nice with them even now, I hated making pigtails and tying them with ribbons! And in our case, having the 'Sisters' decide on the length of the skirts and socks!

  3. I know exactly what u mean... it was so nice to read my own thoughts there! and my daughter's too! hee..hee...

  4. Sakhi I feel so relieved to find someone else going through the same experiences--at least someone understands...

  5. lol! That is so true :) The grass is always greener on the other side :) When I was young I used to tell my mom that when I get to be a mom I will only give my children biscuits and sweets :)

    They must really think that we have a lot of fun at home/work :)

  6. Oh Smitha you sound like Aurora. She tells me she is going to a very good mom-will let her children eat chips, let them watch TV, and buy them the biggest Barbie castle..


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