When the going gets tough..

Some get tougher,

Some give up,

Some hate it

And some are grateful…

Like me
Because it made me rethink my priorities

And pushed me into taking a decision which I would have kept pushing away for tomorrow

Yeah. It’s not easy admitting that I am not supermom.
That I need to drop a ball or two, to be able to keep dribbling, bouncing, juggling the others
I am taking a break from work.

And instead of feeling euphoric, I am scared.
Will I be able to do something useful?
What if it doesn’t work out?

Will I be able to get back to what I was doing?
What if…

Well things might not work out
But, as the cliche says, I’ll be glad to have tried my best

And maybe, they do work out;
And I’ll be grateful for these days..

...The blog was one of the first balls to get dropped, will it bounce back?


  1. Welcome back HM! Hope you had a good break :)

    As for your decision, I am sure you must have taken it after a lot of thought. I know how tough a decision it is, and I am sure that you will be able to work out what works for you. Hugs! And all the best.

  2. Nice to c a post here :)
    Welcome and I hope and wish it works well for all of you :) Gud luck and cheers!

  3. Good to see a post from you finally,HM.

    AS for the decision you took, I'm sure you're doing what you think is in the best interest of you, your children, your family as a whole. All the anxieties, uncertainties that you're experiencing is only natural. Give it time and things will fall in place.

    Good luck and lots of hugs to you :)

  4. Hey girl, don't be scared. I think a break is deserved. It will all fall in place. Take care, may you have great times ahead.


  5. Hey!! It is a big step but everythign works out eventually :)- Smita

  6. and please don't drop the blog. Whehn I read your blog I get the confirmation that I need every once in a while that I am not alone. Most Moms are facing the same struggles, excitement, anxiety, exuberance etc. with their kids

  7. Thanks so much for the wishes. At this point, where it still doesn’t feels more like a necessary decision, rather than the right decision, this support does mean a lot to me.

    Smitha: Thanks for the warm wishes and the hugs. I am already to make it work now.

    Swaram: Thank you for the wishes and for not giving up on my blog-inspite of my now frequent breaks.

    Deeps: I was very confident when I took the decision-but had a panic attack when the time finally came. Feeling a lot calmer now-Thanks.

    Smita di: Wow-That gives me a lot of motivation to keep sharing my ups and downs. (Although I somehow tend to share more of my down-times, just makes me feel better). Will be writing about my days of freedom from now on..)

    Poonam: Yes. I’ll be making it work. Still not sure how, but will be getting there…. Will keep you updated.

  8. Hey, I too think its gonna work out for you! Any decision taken for the benefit of the family is the right one! And think of it, you can always go back to work again. :)

  9. Thanks Mridu-now that it is done, I am feeling fine. Maybe I'll be questioning it again after a few days-but overall I am glad. And hopeful-that maybe it is for the better


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