My Mom and me

The galaxy changes when you become a mom, doesn’t it? It starts revolving around a new center.

The realization hit me a long time ago when I was going to the hospital for a c-section. Every time I had been seriously sick before that, I had needed my mother. Yes. Even as a rebellious teenager, and independent adult, whatever…

This was the first instance when I was insistent that Mom should stay at home with Elena. Just so that my daughter can see Nani when she wakes up and know that all is well with the world.

Over the years, as life became more about taking care of others, I needed my mother even less. To the extent that this time when I had to get admitted for an emergency op, she was one person I didn’t inform at all. She would not have been able to do anything from so many miles away, and have got more stressed because of it.

But I still missed her…


  1. I know, and I am on the wrong side of 40.

  2. I so get what you say. There is something about being with one's mom, isn't there? That feeling of security and comfort - knowing that everything will be fine.

  3. I think I already don't tell her a few things so that she does not get tensed about it :P So its gonna be even less later!

  4. Sandhya: Thanks for visiting my blog and my apologies for the delayed response. Yes, I don't think I'll stop needing mum even when I cross the forties (or even fifties)..

    Smitha: Exactly-it is a feeling that all will be well now that mom is here. How I miss it-and cherish the memory

    Swaram: Mom's know anyway. They only feel more worried and even 'left-out' when you don't tell them :(


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