In Absentia

It's been so long..

That I found the time and space and the mood and the keyboard all together...

I've missed blogging. But there was almost something else to do. 

And then the time was wrong. I even wrote a post, only to delete it in fifteen minutes because it was just a reflection of rocky times. Not something I would like to keep as a permanent reminder of these times.

So I just decided to wait till things are better and start all over again.

And when will that be?
Let's just wait and see!


  1. Oh I do feel like that sometimes. I just dnt feel like jotting down those stupid happenings lest I throw a glance upon them sometime and feel bored or just nt-like-me.
    Hope u r bk to ur cheery self soon :)

  2. I so know what you mean! I am going through a similar phase. Don't feel like blogging at a time like this..

  3. Swaram: Thanks for understanding. I too hope I have cheery notes to write about-soon!

    Smitha: Oh I hope you are out of this phase soon. Some "down" times are inevitable, but we mustn't let them pull us down for long. Easier said than done-I know!
    Still lets try :)


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