Going uphill and back in time...

After my enforced writing spree, I am off on a break again.

 This time it is a vacation. We are off to the land of Momos and Lamas. Will share the experience when I am back

We are also going to Kolkata, my summer home, for all the memorable, growing-up years.

It’s a city I have avoided for almost a decade-because for me, it was my grandparents’ home. Now they are no more, and even that home is not there anymore. I just didn’t feel like going back to the changed city.

Yet there was a lot to go back for. A big part of the family, who’ve always been a part of me. A bit of the heritage our children need to know of course, a whole lot of memories---the rolls and mogali porota at gariahat, the tram-n-metro rides to esplanade, shopping for junk jewellery in new market, alu-dom at the lake, spicy chinese in Tangra, and our all-night aadda sessions.

Can we go back in time to all of those?
I know we can’t.

I just hope we are able to build new bond and shore up new memories to bring back with us.

Wishing everyone a great time ahead.


  1. Have a great break and come back refreshed :) And do eat some extra alu-dom for me! I love the Bengali Alu-dom and have not had it since my parents left Jamshedpur.

  2. Oh wow! Sounds so much fun Hypermom :)
    Wish u a very very happy journey :)

    And Kolkata for u is Mysore for me .. though the place is my first luv, there's a void :(

  3. Thanks Smitha: I hogged like a camel-storing up the delicacies till my next visit.
    As for Alu-dom, do come over and you can have it in B'lore.

    Swaram: Thanks for the wishes. I enjoyed every moment of the trip and came back a lot happier!

  4. Waiting to hear about your trip,HM..c'mon pls give us some updates!

  5. Hi Deeps-Sorry I took so long to reply. my usual excuse-just too many things to do.
    So I switched off my blog completely.
    But I really missed it and you all. Hope I am more regular from now on.

  6. Hey HM, hw r u dng? been a long time no?

    I luv the new look of ur blog :)

  7. Love this new look of your blog,HM.. and that header is beautiful!!

    Now when do we have the honour of reading you again :))

  8. Hi-Deeps and Swaram, Thank you so much for cheering me on. I am back now-but am now working on a borrowed laptop. Hopefully the infra issues will get resolved this week, and I can follow your blogs more regularly


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