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That is, if you liked the post...

For me I already won the day, when I started this great adventure, started sharing my stories, found so many wonderful people along the way and discovered a world where we could just write it out....

Thank you for voting for me

But more than that, thank you for travelling with me, for egging me on and being with me as my blog celebrates it's first birthday.


  1. Ha ha! You're late! Very late!

    I voted for your yesterday morning!

    :D :D :D

  2. Thank you. Yes I know I am late-not going to be nominated for a "disciplined" blogger anytime soon. I got to know only through a comment on the blog!

    Thanks for the support inspite of my sporadic blogging. That means a lot.

  3. Hey its ur blog's bday ... such a nice time to be nominated :)
    Happy Birthday and u know I already voted for u .. gud luck :)

  4. Swaram: Thank you-for the support and the brithday wishes ;)

    Thank you Raj.

  5. Waah, tumhe blog karte hue Ek saal ho gaya!


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