Children's Day

As if we didn’t have enough festivals on the Indian calendar!

It was ok till it was a fancy dress party in play school. Yes the costumes and teaching them two lines took time, but they enjoyed so much that it was worth the time.

And now….

Same time last year, one day before the Children’s day celebrations in school, I am in office and get an urgent call from the day care:

Mamma, Ma’am has given us the dresses for tomorrow. We have to get ready, put on MAKEUP from home....

Wow. What fun! Ok so I get up 15 mins earlier fine..

And she said we have to shampoo and blow dry our hair…

Ok. 30 minutes*2

And we need to wear bangles

I hope that's all. …oops..I’ll have to arrange them before going to bed today


and what?

She said we can’t wear sandals or shoes because it is a Punjabi dance, so we have to wear jobhris

what on earth was that??

Ok, the teacher must have meant Mojris but how on earth was I going to manage buying them before tomorrow morning?

My husband was in a conference. He could not go out Mojri shopping, neither could he baby sit in the evening if I went out..

And then if I went shopping after office, with these two in tow, how do I manage making dinner, tomorrow’s lunch and breakfast?

Where in Bangalore would I find Mojris?

Should I ask Mom to send them by courier? 

Half a dozen calls later, the Grand referee to the rescue.  He found someone whom he could send to Commercial Street. The only catch-wasn't sure the guy understood what Mojris are….

I did an image search on Google, sent an email, and kept my fingers crossed….

Two hours later, I got a call saying the Mojris were with him, I had to wait till night to see if they were Ok.
….there was nothing else I could do

Thankfully they worked.

I still made a big fuss about the teachers dropping it on us at the last moment so this time both girls got their costumes and shopping lists two days in advance.

So all I need to do this time is: 

  • Stitch Zebra ears on Elena’s costume for the Animal dance

  • Fold and hem half a mile of Aurora’s ball gown which is way too long for her.

  • Buy matching ear-rings and sandals and ruffled socks and gloves….
    (….and Mamma can you PLEASE buy some eyeliner and blusher also, everyone else will be wearing them)


  • I need to teach them and two of their friends a dance too........ for the Children’s day celebrations in the apartment complex.

  • Yep. And then I’ll have to organize the costumes for that too… 
As there isn’t any time left over for blogging, I am just posting this list…..just in time to rush out and buy the matching thread for stitching her gown.


  1. Sheesh, I had to google Mojri too. Had no idea what that meant! It's just a punjabi jutti!

    You sure have your hands full. Don't envy you at all!

  2. OMG! So so many things .. will wait for the next post on hw u managed to do so much ;) The girls would look so cute rt :)
    Which dance r u gonna teach?

  3. Oh goodness! Makes me want to keep Poohi at this age where she doesn't care :)

    Would love to see pics of the little zebra :) The girls must be loving it! Oh school days were so much fun!!!

  4. Ramit: Yes Mojris are juttis. Finding a pair for a 5yr old in one evening, in Bangalore- took an hour of frantic calls and a lot of luck!

    And even though I crib about having my hands full-I do enjoy every moment of it :)

    Swaram: I'll keep you posted on what I managed and what I couldn't.

    I'm done with folding the gown. Have to Iron it out. Tomorrow we do dance practice and costumes-we are doing Bum Bum Bole-with 5 kids who do not have time to practice together, and You-tube as choreographer!

    Smitha: Well she is going to reach this stage soon. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Will share the pictures. Yeah school days were fun-and maybe our Moms were going crazy the way I am...

  5. Sure, finding mojris was a task for that size. :) And your current task are interesting too. Put up a pic late. ;)

  6. Boy... do i empathise with you!!! SIGH!! We moms don't have much choice but to "enjoy" these years... ;)

  7. so this what motherhood is also about?? Goodness! I've much to look forward to,dont I??

    Thanks fr this alert,hypermom :D

  8. oh yes,I'm with Smitha....the Zebra pics pls pls pls!!

  9. Poonam: Yeah. The tasks are fun-glad that they are over for now.

    Sakhi: Thanks. I need all the empathy votes I can get.

    Deeps: Yes-Motherhood is all about dancing and stitching and making costumes and shopping for accessories too...and so much more to discover.

    I too need all the alerts I can get.
    Will upload the pics once they are back in school and I get some time.

  10. Sorry for picking on a point irrelevant to the post but you work AND cook breakfast, lunch and dinner?? Hats off to you!

  11. Gosh. Do I make myself sound like some superwoman? It's actually chaos all the way for me :( I do have a maid to help-but when I get late, she leaves for her next job n I have to deal with dinner, b'fast, lunch...


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