Back home

We are back-tanned, tired, and triumphant.

……..after spending the last eight days traipsing through the towering temples and bewitching beaches of southern-most India

The travel tales probably deserve another blog-but I am not sure whether I’ll be able to do justice to another one, still mulling it over…….

For now the highlights of the trip:

  • Spending eight complete days as a family without the distraction of school, office, grocery, laundry and the never-ending logistics of managing house 
  • Travelling by aircraft, train, taxi, and ferry all in one trip-a bus trip got missed out (Thank God-the kids say)
  • Viewing the Rama Sethu at Rameshwaram before it gets dredged out by the power of politics and commerce

  • Watching the sun go down at the southernmost tip of India, the confluence of the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean

  • Me and Elena having a full-scale Mom v/s Pre-teen kid raging row, with she calling me the most autocratic Mom in the world (I know-she’s probably right ) and I calling her …well some strong names-both of us refusing to talk to each other for fifteen whole minutes as Aurora and Dad coaxed us both out of out tempers. We did hug and make up but Phew! What next I wonder?

  • Getting the scare of our lives, when the Grand Referee of our family was knocked down on menacing rocks, trying to record the unleashed fury of the waves; relieved beyond words as he managed to come out with only a minor bruise on his foot, while his camera, phone and iPod weren’t so lucky!

  • Managing to find a non-digital camera (I wasn’t sure they still made them) and waiting for rolls to be developed

  • Coming home exhausted and exhilarated - and finding it still the best place to be in!


  1. Whoa! That ws a wonderful trip!

    U almost took me there!

    Thank God it ws only a minor bruise! Hope he is fine nw :)

    Awesome pics! Cn I pls c some more :P

    Pre-teen tantrums! Oh, she is all grown up the li'l lady!

    Hope the kids hd fun :)

  2. Thank God! He is fine-will add the pictures and more details.
    Pre-teen may not be the right term for a 9 year old-but what is the right one?

  3. looks like u have a nice trip.. Hope Dad is recovering from mishap with his ipod, camera and phone and yes his foot as well :) ...
    I can sympathise with u ... i have having a full blown fight with S already... i am we will have major personality clashes when she is a teen(!!) or earlier :(

  4. The foot is recovering-but the others are beyond recovery, but he his equally upset over them.

    I am so scared of the teenage issues-I feel so insecure already.

  5. beautiful snaps.glad to know you all had an eventful and memorable trip :)

    Mom vs pre-teen are scaring me already :D

  6. you are lucky, indeed, to see the ram setu! I liked the sunset pic :) Its awesome :)

  7. Deeps: Yes it is getting scarier as she grows. And quite shocking to find my little baby has so many issues with me, while she once thought Mamma is the wisest person on earth!

    Sakhi: I badly wanted to see the setu-but it is hard to catch a glimpse. But it is still one of the most beautiful places by the sea.

  8. I thought I would've certainly missed a couple of posts since your return..Glad to notice I haven't!

    Family holidays are always special.. Nice photos, especially the beach. For a moment, I was wondering who was Grand Referee ;)

    Fights with the adolescent daughter. Ah so hypermom will unleash her true hyper colours now eh?

  9. It sounds like a lovely vacation! And you even managed to find a non-digital camera :)

    Family hoildays like this are the best!! Lovely pics!

    Pre-teen raging? Already? As Deeps says - you are scaring me too :)

  10. Lostworld: The hypermom is shaking in her shoes already n hoping things don't get any more hyper!

    Smitha: Yes it was a complete family vacation-including the mother-daughter spat. Don't worry-I think I need to become a little "hyper" to avoid them :(

  11. Lovely pictures!!! So you found a non-digital camera and the results are great! felt like we've been there, could feel the fun, ...and the fight also ;)

  12. Yes the camera was a nice surprise-took some time getting used to it, but the results were great. U r welcome to keep enjoying the fun-as long as you take my side in the fights ;)


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