Another Diwali

I always loved everything about Diwali-the razzle and dazzle, the lights, the clothes, the puja and the noise.

I have always loved crackers too.

Yet when my kid came back from play-school all those years ago and said she doesn’t want to burst crackers because they are made by little children who are forced to work and not go to school, the perspective began to shift.

It was just one of the truths we brush aside because we’d rather not face it.

Over the years, as the skies grow darker with every festival of lights, the smoke has become even more difficult to ignore. We drastically cut down the amount of crackers and just burnt a few to keep the tradition alive.

This Diwali, I saw a Dad coaxing his “stubborn” fourteen-year-old to stop being a spoilsport while she refused to join in the Diwali tradition, and realized that our generation just does not get it.

It is time for us to move on, to learn a few lessons from our kids…They do know better. (Sometimes!)


  1. Oh hw sweet of the kids :) They r on the right path and that too by choice :) Luv to the girls :)

    Happy Diwali to ur happy family :)

  2. Absolutely! We definitely have a lot to learn from our children..

    Happy Diwali to you and your family!

  3. You said it,hypermom.We can learn a lot from our children.

    Happy Diwali to you and your family :)

  4. Hope you had a very Happy Diwali too.

    Swaram: I'll convey your wishes to your girls.

    Smitha, Deeps: Yes, although most of the time we focus on teaching them, there is a lot to learn too!

  5. I was on no crackers mode this year. But my friend chided me that what you call child labour is actually what that takes care of livelihood of so may kids! We just don't get it.

  6. That's forced labor-which maims and blinds and gives them respiratory diseases them for life. As to how they would survive then: even I have no answers, but at least they would not be doing something this hazardous.


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