Till we meet again

Depending on where we are, it is all so varied-Navratri, Dandia nights (or rather evenings now), Ramlila, Dushera and the Dolls and Ayudha Puja-----but it is also so similar too in the way we blend traditions with having fun and scripting memories. Maybe it’s just one more excuse to come together and celebrate and spread the wishes.

I have missed the drumbeats at Durga Puja this time but am celebrating by taking off for a week with my “Fairytopia”.

Will be back soon to share more moments as we journey to the southernmost shores of India.

Best wishes for the festival time!


  1. Happy Pujo! Hope you have a lovely time! And do bring back some pictures!

  2. Happy Bijoyadoshmi in advance and I am missing both Durga Puja and Ram Lila like ...hell.

  3. Happy Navratri and hope u hv an awesome vacation dear :) Luv 2 the sisters :)

  4. Have a great holiday! Shubho bijoya :)

  5. Happy hols.. and happy Dussehra !! :)

  6. Thank you so much for the wishes. I had a lovely time. Hope you all did too...

    Shubho Bijoya :)


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