In Sickness and in Health

What do I do to get them behave like normal, loving siblings?

Princess Aurora came home from school complaining of a sore throat. It soon turned into a horrible sniffy, sneezy, weepy affair and when she showed a slight increase in temperature you can guess what it did to my hardly there equanimity.

Even then the catfight was still on.  

Being Loverna, I switched to the selective hearing mode-they had to be in separate areas of the house till the worst was over.

As I convinced Aurora to sleep with me, Elena teased her endlessly about being a baby and missing her “day” to sleep on the top bunk..

Aurora got her back by grabbing the remote: Now you can’t watch TV because I have put my germs on this.

Elena cribbed that it was not fair this one was getting away with not finishing her dinner because she felt too sick.

Aurora kept insisting she was the one who was sick and needed to be near the toys, so her sister should be sent out of their room.

I continued not to hear.

The tone changed a little….

Mamma, can I come in for 20 seconds-I have to tell her a secret

Mom, I am missing didi….
I want to sleep in my bed…

Ok Mamma. I am not coming in, I’ve kept this book outside the door-please give it to her.

This is sooooooooooo not the natural state of affairs…

In spite of all the closed doors, Elena too caught the bug, and they were both thrilled! More so, when they were both on the way to recovery, and I was the one down in a bad way: sneezing and sniffing, and behind the closed door.

They got to have Maggi for breakfast, miss school and fight together all day.

Here they are fighting over colors, elbowing and jostling each other, while making “get well soon” cards for Mom. 


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh-atleast the kids are together :)
    Get well soon!

  2. Awwww... i never knew how it can be to fight with siblings neither will my daughter know. SIGH!

    btw, get well soon :)

  3. get well soon dear :) So nice of them to make cards for u :) Cn we hv a look @ the cards too :P

    Aww .. those days of fighting over li'l things! I so miss them nw :(

  4. Arunima: Welcome back and thanks for the wishes.

    Hi Sakhi: U r missing something. These r fights for which u don't even need to make up afterwards :)

    Thanks for the wishes-I am much better today.

    Hi Swaram: Yes scanning the cards and uploading them has been in my to do list for quite some time.

    My kids make sure I don't miss those days too much!

  5. Hey, I didn't know you were unwell and also I forgot to call you back after that day. :(

  6. I am already better.
    And that's ok-I know how is it with time!

  7. I know yaar how about my missing out on these fights :(

    btw, i forgot to tell you that my daughter too as the similar study table! :)

  8. If you see the ones that go on and on in our house, you'll be glad you missed them.

    Some coincidence on the study table-I actually have to buy another one, exactly like this, for the younger one on her next birthday.

  9. yeah... it's very sweet, you must be really enjoying with your daughters... from what I've got by reading your blog over a period of time that your daughters are supercool *Nazaaar naa lage*

  10. Thank you Ashish. It is really fun being around them-except for when it gets toooooooo much!


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