Born Bookworms

One of my favorite dreams as a kid was one in which I get locked up in a book shop.

On regular visits, I would specially get a thrill out of reading one at the shop, while selecting the ones to buy.

So what if I don’t have the time these days?

This is what a trip to a bookstore with my children looks like:

Gosh-I wonder what else gets stored and transferred through our DNA!


  1. Bliss indeed :)

    Nice pic this one :)

  2. Aww ... bliss indeed :)

    Nice pic there :)

  3. That must have been so fulfilling!Thers nothing more worthwhile than reading,isnt it?

  4. That reminds me of my childhood! My only incentive to study was that reward in the form of books :) And for a long time, my dream job was that of a librarian. I certainly hope that DNA passes on to my daughter :) She loves books as of now. Story time is mandatory, no matter how tired both of us are:)

  5. Hi Swaram-Yes it was absolute Bliss for them-and I was sooooooo tempted to join them.

    Deeps: They never let go of oppurtunities like this. And I am really glad about it.

    Smitha-Would you believe it, these two also look forward to exams because they get books after each exam?

    I still want to be a librarian-they get all day to read and get paid for it too...

    Great-your daughter has already discovered the " joy of reading", when these kids grow up we can share their books and have even more fun :)

  6. Same pinch.. Even today I don't mind being locked for a few months in a bookstore.. with food sent in regularly of course ;-)

    Cute pic.

  7. Yeah the logistics are important-but when you are lost in a dream world, they sometimes cease to matter...


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