Blog Friends!! Now what's that?

I met Swaram

Someone whom I have known only through her words and that too only for the last couple of months…

And it was the same as meeting an old friend from years ago.

It shouldn’t be like this.

After all what you put in your blog is just a tiny fraction of what your life is all about. And then how do you know even if that is for real?

I guess there is no algorithm to find that out.

But when you have been reading each others words for some time, sharing memories, exchanging smile (and apprehensions), chasing dreams and laughing at each others posts, you do begin to go beyond the blog-etiquette of reciprocating on comments and start connecting to the real person out there.

And when you meet, you really don’t need the introductions. It’s the person you’ve known for quite some time now.

Thanks a ton, Swaram for coming over. It was lovely meeting you; I just wish it could have been for longer and that I’d clicked some photos.

Looking forward to meeting you and all my other blog friends through our blogs for now……. until the next time. :)


  1. Oh wow! It is the season for blog friends to meet :) So you met Swaram too! I can't tell you how jealous I am of you all! You are getting to meet each other, while I languish away in this cold country :(

    Yes, it is wonderful, isn't it, how people we know through their writings alone, connect so well, in real life. I guess, it is probably because we meet people here in the blog world, devoid of any other trappings, and interact on a very honest level :)

    Loved reading your account :)

  2. Thatz one beautiful account HyperMom n so true! No algorithm .. unbelievable for non-bloggers esp.!

    3 cheers to blogging :) Lets meet again .. hope Smitha joins us too :)

  3. Oh yes-it will be wonderful meeting both of you (and Smitha's daughter)

    We'll plan another meet whenever you come back! It was such a wonderful time.

  4. I KNOW what you mean... I have recently met a blog friend and it felt as if we have been freinds since years!! It was a wonderful feeling :) :)

  5. Oh yes! Maybe it is because we already know each other through these exchanges.

    BTW-I hope I get to meet you sometime. My college roommate stays in Ahmedabad-and I've been planning to come for a long time,

  6. hello... i am new to the blogging world have been following ur blogs from long.. love ur blog and ur fairy characters.. great going

  7. Thank you Lady J. The fairy (and witchy) characters are my life-and it is so much more fun sharing our moments.

  8. wow,you met Swaram!! you're right..its amazing how two people who have not met or perhaps even spoken to each other can bond so well through the medium of writing.Words can play magic in our lives :D
    And when you do meet eventually its as though you've known each other forever..its a beautiful feeling!

    Thanks for sharing your experience,Hypermom :)

  9. Thanks Deeps-hope we get to meet sometime too!


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