Swine flu paranoia

Ten years of driving two wheelers of every shape and size and I never wore a helmet, because I liked the feel of wind through my hair!

Yes all logic and traffic regulations didn’t make sense; people die any way, don’t they? And so many of them still live anyway!

Today I am really scared. I’ll do anything to keep my family safe.

Yes this supposed to be just another version of the flu we all keep having and getting over, but I never heard of people dying from cold before.

The casualty rate is a bare .01percent-But isn’t that just statistics? That one from the entire population might be the entire world for someone.

My kids’ school declared a week’s holiday after a student tested positive.

How do I know if it is safe to send them now? How many more could be infected or carriers? They could be travelling in the same stuffy van, sitting in the same classroom, playing together, eating together…

Should I insist on their wearing masks all day? But I know those won’t last a second after the van is out of sight.

Should I keep them at home?

I know I am being paranoid, but I can't help it.

Safety has somehow taken on a completely different dimension for me.


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  2. I can imagine it.. I went a little crazy a few weeks ago when 2 people in my husband's office tested positive too.. We too were worried about sending daughter to the nursery after a staff was tested positive.. Guess we will worry.. and we can just hope that they test and release the vaccine soon..

  3. Prevention is important so do take all precutions and build up resistance, like eat well, and herabl drinks etc! here's a link that we had here, and there are links below it aso,on prevention and others are also worthwhile! hope it answers some questions! take care!http://www.gov.hk/en/theme/fightpandemic/facts.htm

  4. Scary indeed! People did warn us against our vacation too :P n we were so much more careful than ever before! All we cn do is take as much preventive care as we can. Hope the situation gets better soon :(

  5. Hi Smitha-It is so scary, inspite of all the "don't Panic" updated. I too hope they come out with an effective vaccine soon.

    Hi Indy: Thank you for the link.

    Well I am trying to follow most of the preventions. My kids are not wearing masks to school though :(

    Swaram-U are right, we can just take precautions and hope it blows out soon!

    Take care!

  6. You have been tagged! :) Do check my blog for the fun rules!

  7. You are right in taking precaution thing is to not to panic. Not even, if God forbid, anything untoward happens with regard to this flu.

    I know its curable, yet inwardly I feel scared if I have sore throat.

  8. Thanks Indy: I'll check it out

    Poonam: What Precautions? My younger daughter has flatly refused to wear a mask in school-it looks weird, it feels odd, I can't breathe in it, etc etc..

    I just hope it flares down -soon. I heard things in Pune are improving, still take care!


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