Swine-flu and School-Part 1

Aurora, our the queen of drama agreed to wear a mask because she liked the idea of a masquerade.

She practiced wearing it and kept it carefully in her pocket as she left for school.

It was nowhere in sight when she came back.

Mamma it looks so weird!

I tried to make her realize the importance of taking precautions…. there was a kid in their school who had the flu and was still at home recovering from the after-effects.

Do you know, that boy was absent for one week because he was sick, and then he is staying at home for another week so that he can become stronger, and he may stay at home for longer…his teacher is taking care of all his notes so he won’t even need to copy his work when he comes back

I quickly turn the direction of our conversation and try to explain the gravity of the situation without scaring her….

But Mamma, that thing is suffocating. I can’t even breathe. I can wear it only if you cut a hole through it…

And there goes The Mask…


  1. She is so cute - to wear it because she liked the idea of a masquerade.

    And then she wanted you to cut a hole through it :)

    But this swine flu business is scary.. I guess, all we can do is take all the precautions we can..

  2. Hi Smitha-I gave up trying to explain the seriousness of it all. Yes this is scary business-I hope it is over soon!

  3. Give Joyee a hug! To be honest - can't really blame her :)

  4. Because you too want to slit your mask? Is your son wearing one-would love to see your experience of making him keep it on!

  5. Ur girls rock HM!

    What logic! Suffocating eh ;)

  6. Thanks Swaram-yeah-I am taking lessons in logic and negotiating from them :)


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