A Promise to Cherish

Elena has to “learn” an essay on “Raksha Bandhan”

Rakhi is a festival on which sisters tie a Rakhi on their brothers’ wrists and the brothers promise to love and protect them forever…….”

But what do people who have no brothers do on Rakhi?

My girls tie Rakhis to each other.
After all when it is about a promise:

to care and cherish

to be there for each other in sickness and sorrow, in tussles over pencils and party-shoes, in the moments of making up and fighting other kids for each other

to cry for each other exult in each other’s joy

to create memories that sustain through a lifetime

to celebrate a relation which combines the joy of being friends as well as family and so much more……

Isn’t it all about sisters too?


  1. Oh that is an amazing innovation! I hope ur girls will always be there for each other! How nice!

  2. Wow! U do hv a point here Hypermom! Thanks for making us look @ it from the other side :)

    Happy Raksha bandhan to Elena and Aurora!
    Sisters rock :)

  3. Hi Indy: Thanks and Welcome to my blog. I too hope they can always be there for each other-it is such a wonderful thing to have a sister you can count on, anytime.

    Thank you for the lovely wishes Swaram. Happy Raksha bandhan to you too.
    Sisters Rock-Oh Yes!

  4. That is so special! and makes so much sense.. After all, the relationship between 2 sisters is just as special, if not more.. I have always wanted a sis.. I think the emotional bond is far more..

    Happy Rakshabandhan to you too!

  5. Hi Smitha,even I always wanted a sis..

    and yes, this relation is just as special and needs to be celebrated.

    Maybe we are not used to celebrating everything to do with daughters-but we really need to.

  6. We too did that in childhood. :D We did send rakhi to cousins but it wasn't same as tying rakhi in person. So we tie rakhis to each other. :)

  7. Now you can look back and realize that ur Sis was the one who has been there for you!

  8. hey...just happened to come across your blog..couldn't help commenting...my mother told me & my sister the exact same things that you've written about when we were little & since childhood we've tied rakhis to each other..lots of people think its just a joke..& though we do the whole ritual in a 'making jokes & pulling each other's leg' way, we know that the sentiments are for real
    PS: BTW, I'm 28 & my sister is 23 so we've been each others' 'rakhi brother' for about 20 years : ) am sure your daughters will find the same joy & comfort in this ritual that we do


  9. Thanks for commenting-after this post, I heard from so many sisters who celebrate Rakhi this way.

    If it is about the thoughts and feelings, it is definitely about sisters-and I do hope my girls keep celebrating it for years to come-like you and you sister!


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