A Mills & Boon reading Mom

I’ve got mail

In fact I've got sixteen Mills and Boon ebooks painstakingly forwarded, one by one, at close to midnight.

Thanks Poonam. For the pile of cheesy romances which the wise scoff at, the lofty won’t even touch with a barge pole and the “educated” types would sniff at in disgust; you read those: those tacky, cheesy, paperbacks!!??

Oh yes, I do.

I love the templatized predictability of these sometimes simpering, sometimes steamy romances, the exotic locales, the cuisine, and the haute couture; the fluttering heroine who finally finds her vertebral column; the ill-mannered, arrogant, alpha hero coming down to his knees on page 186; the familiar twists and the gallons of shed and unshed tears; the lost and found themes; the escapism and the promises of eternal love.

I love them just as I loved the fairy stories of years ago.

So like a true MB reader, I forwarded the books immediately to some more women like me, who like reading so called "crap" and aren’t coy about saying so.

Why have I posted this on my Mom Blog? Because Moms also read crap, even the ones in their thrities and with two kids, Moms who should be knowing better than lapping up teenage-stuff...

Dedicated to alchemistpoonam


  1. Wah, a blog post to thank me. :) You don't need to, I was more than happy to share.

    And I see that you have burned your feeds through Feedburner, good girl. Search google gadgets in your dashboard and add a stat counter. Try CLuster maps, it also tells you about geography of yur blg visitrs.

  2. :) M&Bs. I never read M&Bs when I was young :( Not because I was a snob or anything - just because they are so thin! I read very fast and could finish an M&B in under an hour - so I never ever used to pick up M&Bs from the library :) Brought back memories from those days -when friends used to show us 'interesting paragraphs' from M&Bs and it used to be such fun to giggle away at all those cheesy bits :)

  3. Cheers to such friends! Njoy ur MnBs :)

  4. Poonam: I thought the best way to thank you would be through my blog!

    Trying to learn the "tech" aspect too-I already have cluster maps, Have found Google analytics page to be a good source of user data-have you tried it?

    Hi Smitha-I guess the length was made M&Bs ideal for me. I could read them at one go! (I almost missed an exam in college because I just could not put down "Doctors" before completing it-so MBs were safer!)

    Now that u reminded me, yes we too shared the moments of reading through the 'interesting' bits n giggling away..

    Thanks Swaram: Yes I am lucky to have my friends :)
    Don't know when I'll have time to read these though!

  5. I'm visiting first-time from swaram's page.
    I never used to read M&Bs. Actually couldn't relate to the mushy stuff .. But I loved your take on it. Happy reading !!! :)

  6. lostworld: I know not many can relate to the mushy stuff, atleast not past their teens :)
    Thanks for visiting.
    (haven't got around reading even one of these by now-still trying to)

  7. Well, they are my embarrassing little secret but I do need my M&B fix now and then :)

  8. Hi Rohini, the best part of blogging for me has been finding people who are so like me-in some way or the other. Reading your post on "etiquette with pregnant women" reminded me of my own time...and now M&Bs...welcome to the bandwagon!

  9. I got them too from poonam.. and have read a few.Ah, such bliss!! :D :D

  10. Hi Sakhi: yes it was sheer bliss!
    Took me back to my college days.


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