Of old friends and new..

Elena woke up in tears: Mamma, I dreamt that you had changed my school. I never want to change my school-I will lose all my friends……

History repeats...Yeah, I know

My Mom forcefully changed my school in 11th Standard-because my school did not have the science-maths combination, she wanted me to study. As I didn’t want to study anything, the combo just didn’t matter, but my friends did-so much, yet being a wimp whenever faced with emotional blackmail, I gave in.

I hated everything about the new school, but most of all, I missed my old friends-the ones I had been with for the last ten years. I did my best to be rational, level headed, practical….etc. etc.. for a month.

Then I rode my moped to my old school (wearing the wrong uniform) and went and met all my friends, teachers, and the Principal.

Yes, it was one of my infamous U-turns. I felt so bad about my parents wasting, all the money on admission, uniforms, books etc, that I did study Maths privately, and managed to get through Engineering-but I couldn’t ever leave my school and my friends for that…….

So how could I convince Elena?

I told her about the mice and the cheese and the need to keep moving on.

About how we make new friends as we keep moving and how we can always stay in touch with the ones who fly away.

And what about the ones we lose along the way?

Yes we lose, we miss, we cry, but don’t they say that the one, who doesn’t fly back to you, was never yours anyway!

Never one to miss an opportunity, she agreed: Ok, but will you let me create an account on Facebook?

Where did that come from?

But I think she got what I was trying to say!


  1. Ha ha .. She did come to FB @ last :P Kids r so fast nwadayz!

  2. yes-all that senti talk, and this was it led up to. and that when I hardly go on FB.

  3. Kids :) It is so good that she did understand what you were telling her.. and so very cute that she sneaked in her Facebook request :)

  4. Yes Smitha, I am thankful that she is still listening and asking permission :)


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