Inconvenient Truths

The awkward questions.

My younger kid is always full for them, for starters:
What is S**?

Me trying to be correct without being candid:
It means-Male or Female, Boy or Girl

My elder daughter, an old soul who knew what made adults uncomfortable and never asked us any of these questions, giggled:
Mamma she wants to know the other meaning, the one which people do……..

I gasped: And just what is that?

I had to confirm what she knew, she’s just turned nine.

Elena: Oh Mamma, of course you know, all parents do….
and she refused to go into explanations

Shaken and determined to continue when Aurora was not around, I change the subject, for the moment.

Princess Aurora, obviously did not stop there.

Another day at the dining table:

Aurora: I will not force my children to eat Sambar.

I at my most formidable: That’s a long time away, please finish yours.

Aurora, determined to change the subject: Why is it a long time away?

I refuse to be distracted: Please take a spoonful, your mouth is empty

Aurora: A five year old girl can get pregnant, you know.

Me finally shocked into forgetting the Sambar: Of course not!!!!!!!! Who told you that?

Aurora putting down her spoon relieved at having Mom on a safer topic:

Oh just some friends, told me that. But I guess they were just fooling me.

Warming on to her subject and discretely pushing her food a little further off

I didn’t believe them and told them you have to be grown up and married to get pregnant
she continues righteously…

A smothered giggle, from my ninety (oops nine) year old…

Trying to keep her parents speechless long enough to flee, the princess climbs down her chair and continues:

But then that means Maami would be pregnant now…

The Ninety (no way can she be nine) year old has had enough:

Oh come on, you can just take Ipill and not get pregnant.
Mamma, this girl really doesn’t know anything!!!!

//I swear I have read a lot of on how to explain facts to your kids, and I was all ready to do it when they entered their teens. But now??


I am not sure what I find more unnerving-Aurora’s questions or Elena’s answers//


  1. Oh my goodness! Your story has totally freaked me out :( Any possibility of preserving my daughter at the age of three???

  2. Freaked out is exactly what we were. We are used to batting away the bouncers they throw-but this one just left us gaping.

    With kids I think it is important to keep talking to know they are picking up-I wish I knew what else to do :(

  3. OMG! These kids err girls really know so much !!!!!! Till what age did we still believe that the doc cut open momma's tummy n brought out the baby :O

  4. Hmmm...we can't blame them either after so much of awareness around on idiot box and Internet too. If your kids dont watch TV or sirf Internet, they are bound to have friends who do.

    Best thing is to keep talking to them as you do.

    Irony is people who are menat to pay heed to birth control and other ads, do't do and kid pick it up faster.

  5. Hi Swaram-That is just what I was thinking, while I was still reeling from shock. I think I was 13 when I knew how the baby got in Mom's tummy-and even then I was in denial for quite some time.

    Poonam: I know what you mean. The Kids soak up all that is around.
    And the ones who should, and who actually are most keen on watching TV never get the message. Shud I send my kid to explain things to them?

  6. Hi Hypermom! thanks for dropping by my blog today! Yours is pretty nice too! have blogrolled you! :)

  7. Thanks Fafy.I am fairly new to blogging so it is quite an honour!

  8. Isn't it fun....seeing "herstory" repeat in your two kids?

    Today's my Momma-blogs-hopping day. :)

    Loves what I sees.

  9. Yes it's fun and a bit scary too-herstory is the right word.

    Thanks for including me in your blog-hop. Please keep coming :)

  10. Haa haaa your daughters are really interesting and you must be enjoying with them...


  11. Thanks Ashish.
    Yes I have a great time-though it does get overwhelming at times...


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