Negotiation Tips - Anyone?

I’m Hungry. Can I watch TV?
No. Have a banana.

But I am feeling sad because I am hungry. Bananas make me sadder, I need to watch TV.You said you were hungry and that is making you sad. TV will not help. Have biscuits.

On a deeply resigned "Mom’s just don’t understand" tone: I am sad because I am bored and hungry. If I have boring food, I’ll be sadder. I need to watch TV.
By this time more than a couple of colleagues are gathered around my desk, waiting for me to trip.

My ever-understanding daughter herself offers a face-saver:
I can have chips.

We compromise on biscuits and playing games on the Ipod.


  1. Get your kid to write a book on Negotiation. It'll be a bestseller!

  2. She'll talk me into writing for her :(
    No, I just plan to polish my skills till I can win my arguments with them. That will be the day!


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