My Backup(s)

It's not clutter, it is just being prepared.

I need to keep a pair of slippers and an umbrella in the car for backup because I might need to stop on the way for something and it might rain.

In fact I am so prepared for contingencies that my car always has a spare set of sun-glasses, a stock of reading material, a packet of biscuits, a bottle of water (sometimes a couple of empty ones also) and some extra things which we might need, just in case…

I had to clear out all this stuff when the car was being sent for servicing.

From the backseats, out came a glittery hair-band, a set of Uno cards, a Barbie doll, an Enid Blyton, a tiny purse with a lipstick and comb, a toy mobile-phone, a pack of crayons, a half-empty bag of chips….

Ready to tell them what they can do with the junk, I stopped my kids as they are about to leave for their Badminton class.

The younger one had my racquet slung across her back, she looked at me and promptly picked up her own:

"I am going to play with my own one; yours is just for backup."

(And this when they don't know what's in my handbag! Gosh, it's eerie how they pick up our idiosyncrasies)


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